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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1803/01/31





(1803) (Jan. 31)

1803 Jan. 25

Ramos, Rafael
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

to Father Thomas Hassett
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

Ramos de Vilches, honorary commissioner of war and the comptroller of the Royal Hospital is authorized by Tomas Esteban to complete the proceedings for Esteban's marriage to Maria Andrea Ribas. His constituent is Commandant of Galveztown so that he finds it impossible to appear at the various parishes in which the banns would be published. Ramos asks Hassett for a dispensation from the banns.

A.D.S. (Spanish)

1803 Jan. 31

Hassett, Father Thomas
New Orleans, Louisiana

Hassett grants the request. To be notified are Father John Maguire, at present in charge of Iberville, and the pastor of Galveston so that the former may proceed to marry Esteban and Ribas. Nar(ci)so Broutin acts as notary.

V-3-n A.D.S. (Spanish) 3pp. folio

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