University of Notre Dame

Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1803/04/04




1803 Apr. 4

Hassett, Father Thomas
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

to M(anuel) de Salcedo
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

In his letter of the 2nd Salcedo enclosed a copy of the letter sent to him by the Colonial Prefect, (Pierre Clement de Laussat), about the information he had received that some religious communities considered themselves authorized to take out some of the vestments and sacred vessels belonging to their institutions, and Salcedo had prohibited taking out anything since this is in violation of the agreement between the two governments, Spanish and French, at the time of the retrocession from the colony. Salcedo had taken this step to avoid any imprudent action that would compromise national honor. Hassett has today given the warning to the Ursulines, the only one community in this province. Their zeal and religion are a secure guarantee of their scrupulous conduct in this matter.

V-3-n A. Draft S. (Spanish) 2pp. 8vo.

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