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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1803/09/27









1803 Sep. 27

Hassett, Father Thomas
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

to Antonio Morales
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

Yesterday Hassett sent to the governor Morales' letter of the 2nd concerning the bill of exchange drawn by the royal treasury against the navy treasury in Havana, adding the following which he transcribes for Morales (no enclosure). The governor on the same date replied as enclosed (no enclosure).

A. Draft S. (Spanish)

Folded with the above:

1803 Sep. 2

Morales, Antonio
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

to Father thomas Hassett
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

In regard to the order for candles for the cathedral from Havana amounting to 500 weight and two bells, Morales had taken 2400 pesos from the church money and placed it in the royal treasury of the province in order to get a bill of exchange on the navy treasury in Havana but finding that there were no funds there the draft was returned. He has asked the administration to return the money or to give him a bill of exchange on the army treasury of Havana which they refused to do. So now because of his signature, he is indebted in that city for the candles and bells. He hopes that Hassett with the consent of the governor will authorize another sum of the same amount to pay this debt in Havana and the paper can be retired as they collect money. Since he has had no answer to his letter to Hassett, Morales, because of the rumors of war current in the maritime insurance house in Havana, has suspended the order for the bells.

L.S. (Spanish)

V-4-a A. Draft S. L.S. (Spanish) 7pp. 8vo.

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