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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1803/09/30






1803 Sep 30

Duparc, (William)
Pointe Coupee, (Louisiana)

to Man(ue)l de Salcedo
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

Bodreau, caretaker of this parish has served for 10 or 11 years to the satisfaction of the people and the pastors up to now. He has a large family and this is his living. The pastor, Father (Paul de) St. Pierre, less than a year ago bought a slave from North America. This impertinent creature enjoys the favor of her master who defends her in all her nonsense. This negress reported to her master that the caretaker had complained to her that the pastor treated his wife with too much familiarity. These and other reports unfavorable to the pastor are current in this place. Today he dismissed the caretaker. Duparc believes it is the negress who should be dismissed for having raised a hand against (Philippe?) Marais and took up her master's loaded gun against him; and for having mistreated the caretaker's children. Duparc begs Salcedo to order that this poor man be continued in his work inasmuch as the people pay him and that the pastor no longer persecute him.

V-4-a A.L.S. (French) 2pp. 8vo.

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