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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1803/10/02





1803 Oct. 2

Duparc, (William)
Point Coupee, (Louisiana)

to Andre Armesto
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

Duparc is asking the governor's permission to go down to the city; he asks Armesto to obtain it for him. Mr Laurant, who brings this, will take back what Armesto gives him. In his No. 57 Armesto will find some good but Duparc was silent on many things relative to this affair. For some years Father (Paul de) St. P(ier)re has conducted himself as roughly as a sailor. When Duparc found out the truth about the (Philippe?) Marais affair he did not wish to pursue it because of scandal, knowing the character of the pastor. It is true Marais was intoxicated on September 24 when he asked Duparc for a passport to Baton Rouge. Marais said he was going to see the pastor and about an hour later Duparc saw Marais staggering along with the pastor who was furious with the man. Duparc knows that all who go to the house in the pastor's absence, go to attack the negress; or so she makes him believe. She wanted to hit a drunken Irishman with an axe and she took up a gun against Marais who only wanted to talk to the pastor. The pastor took her to a sale at Bayou Sara which brought a laugh from the Americans present. Mrs. Siebert, a drunkard, created a disturbance at her home and the pastor ordered her to come to his house to be reprimanded. When she did not go he sent Duparc a sort of order to put her in prison. Duparc sends Marais' petition to Armesto; he would rather have the government decide it than he. The caretaker's story is a more odious case.

V-4-a A.L.S. (French) 4pp. 4to.

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