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Specialized Indexes > Theatre Chronology


1862-1863 Academic Year

Exhibition: Commencement Day

Notre Dame University

Venue: Exhibition Hall [Washington Hall after Feb 1864]
Date:Wednesday, June 24th, 1863, at 2 o'clock, P.M.

Order of Exercises.

Overture: College Band
Poland--Oration: E. M. Brown
American Literature--Essay: D. J. Spillard

Patriotism--Oration: J. H. McManus
The Crusades--Essay: L. G. Tong

College Associations--Oration: M. Corbey
Address from the Philopatrian Society: Thomas Ewing


Address from the Deaf Mutes: George D. Kelly
The Valedictory--A Poem: Joseph Healy

Conferring of Degrees and Distribution of Premiums.

Play: The Reverse of the Medal (a minor comedy)

Author: Unknown
Date: Wednesday evening, June 24, 1863
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: the Juniors [boys 13 to 17]
Venue: Exhibition Hall [Washington Hall after Feb 1864]

Cast List

Prologue, by:  Thomas Ewing
Kreutz:  George Haldorn
Frederick:  Thomas Ewing
Neighbor:  Horace Owens
Walk:  R. Pinkerton
Fairy:  Louis Marks
Geronimus:  P. Fitzpatrick
Head Pupil:  John Dillon
1st Pupil:  F. Guthrie
2nd Pupil:  Henry Harris
3rd Pupil:  Michael Mahony
4th Pupil:  Charlie Spencer

Play: The Drama of William Tell

Author: J. C Friedrich Von Schiller [1804]; or more likely, James Sheridan Knowles [1825], with the three female speaking roles cut, probably by Father Shaw
Date: Wednesday evening, June 24, 1863
Director: Father Shaw
Producing Organization: Thespian Society
Venue: Exhibition Hall [Washington Hall after Feb 1864]

Cast List

Tell:  E. M. Brown
Gesler:  J. H. McManus
Albert:  J. P. Kennedy
Sarnem:  W. P. Cotter
Conrad (substituted for Emma):  D. J. Spillard
Melctal: C. Haines
Verner:  J. A. Kelly
Erni: J. Healy
Furst: M. Corbey
Pierre: L. Goselin
Michael: B. Maguire
Lutold: S. A. Flercher
Theodore: T. A. Cantwell

Note:  Also produced in 1870 and 1876.

Play: Grimshaw, Bradshaw & Bagshaw

A Farce By the Thespian Society

Author: John Maddison Morton (1809?-1891)
(Adapted For Boys.)

Grimshaw: M.Corbey
Bagshaw: J. Healy
Towzer: P. W. Talbot
Bradshaw: C. Haines
Benjamin: J. B. Kennedy
Robert: L. Goselin

Source: Catalogue 19, 1862-63, 58-60. This is the first publication of the Commencement Exhibition in the Catalogue.

last edited by MCP, April 5, 2014