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Specialized Indexes > Theatre Chronology


1863-1864 Academic Year

Exhibition: Washington's Birthday at Notre Dame

Venue: Exhibition Hall in Senior Recreation Hall

February 25, 1864, at noon:

"Farewell Address"

Later that Evening:

Overture: College Band, under the direction of Prof. Basil

Oration: Prof. J. T. E. Howard

Play: Furnished Apartments--a farce: Philopatrian Society

Play: Pizarro--a drama: Thespian Society

Author: likely Sheridan's 1799 adaptation of Kotzebue's The Spaniards in Peru (1796), although William Dunlap did an American version in 1800.

Scenery: Prof. La Chassaigne

At the conclusion, the Very Reverend President (Father Sorin) said the hall should hereafter be called "Washington Hall."

Source: New York Tablet 8:41, March 12, 1864, 10-11.

Exhibition: Twentieth Annual Commencement

Commencement Day

June 22, 1864, at 2 O'clock P.M.

Order of Exercises

Farewell March: Band
Address from the Holy Angel's Society: T. Ewing
Address from the Junior Department: J. Graham
Quickstep:  Band

Play: The Plot of Potsentausend, a comic drama by the Philopatrian Society

Author: Unknown
Date Performed: June 22, 1864
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: the Philopatrian Society
Venue: Washington Hall

Cast List

Grindstone:  J. P. White [Whyte]
Sacks:  George Haldorn
Bernard:  Thomas Ewing [F. McGinnis]
Louis: Horace Owens [D. Hyland]
Max:  R. Pinkerton [T. Ewing]
Fritz:  Louis Marks [M. Williams]
Chevalier Despian: P. Fitzpatrick [J. Graham]
Officer: John Dillon [J. Dunne]
Soldiers: F. Guthrie [F. Greene & J. Flanagan]

Rondino:  Instrumental Quartette
Patriotism, Pagan and Christian:  J. Healy
Piano:  Souvenir D'Andalousie
Discipline of the Mind:  E. M. Brown
March: Quartette
Valedictory: D. J. Spillard
Waltz: Band
Address: J. B. Runnion, A. M.
Belle Galop:  Quartette

Conferring of Degrees

Piano:  Silver Spring

Distribution of Premiums

Medly:  Band

Evening Exercises
At half past seven the Thespian Society rendered Shakspeare's Historical Play of

Play: King Henry IV

Author: William Shakespeare
Date Performed: June 22, 1864, 7:30 P.M.
Producing Organization: Thespian Society
Venue: Washington Hall

Persons Represented [Cast List]

King Henry IV:  Joseph Healy
Henry Prince of Wales: T. A. Corcoran
Prince John of Lancaster: J. Felon
Earl of Westmoreland: W T. Knapp
Sir Walter Blunt: H. H. Pratt
Earl of Worcester: H. Bugher
Early of Northumberland: L. K. Thompson
Henry Percy, surnamed Hotspur: E. M. Brown
Earl of March: T. H. O'Brien
Early of Douglas: R. H. Newlan
Owen Glendower: P. W. Talbot
Sir Richard Vernon: James Fenlon
Sir John Falstaff: M. Corby
Poins: T. Irons
Gadshill: R. L. Watson
Peto: T. Moore
Bardolph: J. E. Card
Quickly, host of tavern in Eastcheap: A. Tammany
Francis: R. J. Thompson
Pages: O. E. Fitch, H. D. Spears, L. Marks
Travelers: J. Carlin, G. Carpenter, T. D. Wood

followed by Lover's amusing drama of

Play: Rory O'More

Author: Samuel Lover (1797-1868)
Date Performed: June 22, 1864
Director: ?
Producing Organization:
Thespian Society
Venue: Washington Hall

Persons Represented [Cast List]

Rory O'More: M. Corby
De Lacy:  E. M. Brown
De Welskein: T. A. Corcoran
Scrubbs:  H. H. Pratt
Col. Thunder: J. Healy
Mr. O'More: R. H. Newlan
Johnnie O'More: H. D. Spears
Darby: H. Bugher
Shan Dhu: W. T. Knapp
Pierre: T. Irons
Flannerty: A. Tammany
Bill Jones: L. K. Thompson
Solomon: P. W. Talbot
Musician: T. Murphy
Terry: J. E. Card
Yeomanry, etc., etc.

During the evening, between the different acts, the College Band and Orchestra
will execute some very Select Music.

Note:  Colonel Rory O'Moore (1620-1655) was the principal organizer of the Irish Rebellion of 1641.

Source: Catalogue 20, 1863-64, 57.

last edited by Mark C. Pilkinton, June 25, 2012