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Specialized Indexes > Theatre Chronology


1891/1892 School Year

Play Title: The Hidden Gem

Author: Not Found
Dates Performed: December 16, 1891
Director: Not Found
Stage Manager: Not Found
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: The St. Cecilia Philomatheans

Cast List

Euphemianus: L. Monacr
Alexius: F. Carney
Carinus: M. Prichard
Proculus: F. Thorne
Eusebius: J. Delaney
Bibulus: C. Flemming
Davus: S. Walker
Ursulus: W. Ball
Verna: O. DuBrul
Strigil: J. Dempsey
Fumatus: A. Funke
Gannio: E. DuBrul
Chamberlain: C. Fitzgerald
An Officer: J. Tong
Latrones 1: J. Rend
Latrone 2: H. Egan


Source(s) The Notre Dame Scholastic, Volume 25, December 19, 1891, p. 258.

Play Title: Julius Caesar

Author: William Shakespeare
Dates Performed: February 22, 1892 (Washington's Birthday)
Director: Not Found
Stage Manager: Professor George E. Clarke
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: The Thespian Society
Venue: Washington Hall

Cast List

Julius Caesar: Dudley Shivley
Octavius Caesar: J. McGrath
Marcus Antonius: A. E. Dacey
Publius: P. M. Regan
Popilius Lena: J. Ryan
Marcus Brutus: J. R. Fitzgibbon
Cassius: N. J. Sinnott
Casca: F. B. Chute
Trebonius: T. D. Hennessy
Decius Brutus: J. J. Doheny
Metellus Cimber: J. L. Doyle
Cinna: E. DuBrul
Artimidorus of Cuidos: T. A. Quinlan
A Soothsayer: R. E. Kinney
Lucilius: R. B. Sinnot
Titinius: F. Murphy
Messala: F. Vurpillat
Volumnius: C. Dechant
Clitus: P. Crowley
Strato: M. Quinlan
Lucius: P. Houlihan
Dardanius: L. S. Vinez
Pindarus: A. Ahlrichs


Source(s) The Notre Dame Scholastic, Volume 25, February 27, 1892, p. 432.

Play Title: Richard III

Author: William Shakespeare
Adapted by: Colley Cibber
Dates Performed: March 17, 1892 (St. Patrick's Day)
Director: Not Found
Stage Managers: Messrs. McGrath and Schaack
Scene Design: Professor Ackerman
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: The Columbians
Venue: Washington Hall

Cast List

Henry VI: John Kearns
Richard III: Hugh O'Donnell
Edward IV: Robert Healy
George,Duke of Clarence: Maurice Cassidy
Lord Mayor of London: William Burns
Earl of Oxford: F. Powers
Duke of Buckingham: F. Bolton
Lord Hastings: T. Ansbery
Lord Stanley: D. Murphy
Sir William Catesby: J. Devanny
Henry, Earl of Richmond: N. S. Dinkle
Edward, Prince of Wales: A. M. Prichard
Richard, Duke of York: James O'Neill
Bishop of Ely: C. Rudd
Archbishop of Canterbury: H. Carroll
Sir Richard Ratcliff: R. Frizzelle
James Tyrell: J. Stanton
Sir Robert Brackenbury, Liuetenant of Ionea: T. Flynn


Source(s) The Notre Dame Scholastic, Volume 25, March 19, 1892, p. 480.

Play Title: Joan of Arc

Dates Performed: March 25, 1892 (Feast of the Annunciation)
Director: Not Found
Stage Manager:
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: St. Mary's French class
Venue: Seniors' study hall, SMC

Cast List

Joan of Arc: Ruth Bero
Isabelle Romée: D. Davis
Catherinette: C. Gibbons
Laxart: L. Morehead
Charles IV, King of France: E. Dennison
Yolande, Princess of Aragon: K. Morse
Lady de Gancourt: L. Nester
Lady de Laval: A. Lynch
Lady de Mayenne: K. Ryan
Lady de Vendôme: F. Murison
Lady de Bourges: E. Tod
Lady de la Ténnoile: F. Carpenter
Lady de Sarthe: M. Fitzpatrick
Lady de Berry: M. Robinson
Pages of the King: A. E. Dennison, M. Nacey
Mother Thomas: S. Dempsey
Countess de Ligny: K. Morse
Countess de Ligny's son: A. McCarthy
Mother Drapier: K. Ryan
English soldiers: A. Thirds, M. Byrnes
Peasants from "Domremy": M. Dennison, S. Smyth, R. Doble, M. Davis, Hopper, Tormey
Pages of the Court: Minims


Source(s) The Notre Dame Scholastic, Volume 25, April 2, 1892, p. 513-514.

Play Title: The Forest Prince and the Three Bears

Dates Performed: April 1892
Director: Brother Marcellus
Stage Manager:
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: St. Stanislaus Philopatrian Society

Cast List

Forest Prince: C. Meyers
Woodland King: Fred Chute
Bard: E. Harris
Big Bruin: E. Schaack
Mammy Muff: W. Kegler
Tiny Cub: F. Cornell
Faithful: G. Gerner
Frailty: J. Miller
Lightfoot: E. Thome
Airy: T. Finnerty
Pages: C. McPhee, S. Warner
Will-o'-the wisp: C. Teeters
Forest Children: H. Yingst, G. Bixby, C. Reedy, G. Eunke, J. Hagus, H. Miles, K. McLeod, C. Cullen, A. Harding, R. Slevin, O. Bergland, H. Hargrave, E. Dorsey, J. Marre, J. Yeager, W. Gerdes, M. Levi, W. Evans, G. Zoehrlaut, F. Wagner, G. Brown, W. Girardin, S. Dixon, J. Brown
Guards and Soldiers: W. E. Bates, A. Gillam, J. Hack, H. Cheney, H. Bearss, W. Foster, G. Sweet, F. Grote, G. Johnson, V. Washburn, B. Weaver, P. Dion, L. Gardias, E. Brennan, P. Stephens, W. Sullivan


Source(s) The Notre Dame Scholastic, Volume 25, April 30, 1892, p. 576.