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Specialized Indexes > Theatre Chronology


1892/1893 School Year

Play Title: The Recognition

Author: Rev. A. Lemonnier
Dates Performed: December 14, 1892
Director: Not Found
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: The St. Cecilians

Cast List

Duke of Spoleto: M. Prichard
Riccardo: J. Lanigan
Prince of Macerata: J. Hack
Barto: J. Rend
Antonio: J. O'Neill
Balthazar: J. Barrett
Stephano: E. DuBrul
Leonardo: A. Coolidge
Gratiano: E. Dorsey
Lorenzo: O. Bergland
Giacomo: R. Slevin
Fabino: J. A. Browne
Reginald: G. Johnson
Paolo: P. Walker
Zucchi: A. Lynch
Andrea: A. Rumley
Marso: B. Oliver
Silvio: C. Meyers
Pietro: J. LaMoure
Beppo: J. Strauss
Vincento: J. Sullivan
Alphonso: M. McCarty
Piccolo: W. McDermott
Arlando: P. Dion
Alberto: G. Sweett
Gabrini: F. O'Brien
Castello: W. Nichols
Rossi: H. Mitchell

Notes: In honor of the patronal festival of the Rev. President Walsh.

Source(s): The Notre Dame Scholastic, Volume 26, December 20, 1892, p. 254.

Play Title: William Tell

Dates Performed: February 22, 1893
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: Thespians
Venue: Washington's Birthday

Cast List

Gesler: M. A. Quinlan
Sarnem: E. F. DuBrul
Rudolph: F. Singer
Gerard: J. Flynn
William Tell: L. Monarch
Albert: G. McGarrick
Melctal: R. B. SInnot
Erni: T. Brennan
Furst: P. Crawley
Verner: J. Fitzgerald
Michael: C. Patier
Pierre: O. Schmidt
Theodore: T. Hartnett
Henry: F. B. Chute
Savoyard: F. A. Hennessy
Austrain Archers, Soldiers, Savoyards, Villagers, Citizens, and Mountaineers

Production Staff

Director: Professor Clarke


Source(s): The Notre Dame Scholastic, Vol. 26, February 25, 1893, p. 334,383.

Play Title: Louis XI

Author: not found
Dates Performed: March 15, 1893
Director: Prof. Neil
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: The Columbians
Venue St. Patrick's Day

Cast List

Louis XI: H. O'Donnel
The Dauphin: Arthur Funke
Duke de Nemours: R. Healy
Philip de Comines: F. Bolton
Jacques Coitier: J. Devanney
Tristan L'Ermite: T. Ansberry
Olivier le Dain: N. Dinkel
Comte de Dreaux: F. Powers
Armand: J. Stanton
Knight: J. Foster
Knight: C. Roby
Knight: E. Newton
Knight: P. Wellington
Knight: J. McVean
Knight: A.M. Funke
Knight: F. Esgen


Source(s) Notre Dame Scholastic, Vol. 26, March 25, 1893, pp. 446.