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Specialized Indexes > Theatre Chronology


1904/1905 School Year

Play Title: St. Patrick's Day Entertainments

Scenes from Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare,
and The Balloon, by J. H. Darnly & G. Marville Fenn
Dates Performed: March 17, 1905
Director: Professor Fredric Karr
Stage Manager: not found
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: The Senior Elocution Class

Cast List

Romeo: Bernard F. Fahy
Mercutio: William D. Jamieson
Benvolio: Clarence J. Kennedy
Tybalt: Howard C. Broadman
Friar Lawrence: Charles E. Rush
Peter: James S. Brady
Nurse: Walter L. Joyce
Dr. Glynn: Louis E. Wagner
Captain Cameron: William D. Jamieson
Mr. Aubrey Fitz John: Joseph A. Dwan
Dr. Boyton: Bernard F. Fahy
David, Doctor's Boy: Howard C. Broadman
Grace Wentworth: Walter J. Francioli
Miss Vere: Ralph C. Madden
Mrs. Rippendale: Walter L. Joyce
Mrs. Theresa Fitz John: Herbert P. Dowling


Source(s) Original Program, PNDP 76-Mi-01, AB1.1 (ND Archives) and Notre Dame Scholastic, Volume 38, March 25, 1905, pp. 391-393.

Play Title: Two Titled Truants

Author: John Lane O'Connor
Dates Performed: April 4, 1905
Director: Professor Frederic Karr
Stage Manager: Not found
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: Philopatrian Society

Cast List

Norbert Bertram: T. P. Butler
Herbert Bertram: R. R. Shenk
Edward: L. A. Williams
Lord Bertram: E. L. Symonds
John Bertram: E. C. Clear
Clinker: C. R. Minotti
Hugh Holt: R. J. Eberhart
Sam Dibbs: H. W. Hilton
William Shakespeare: W. J. Heyl
Dick Cowley: C. B. O'Connor
William Kemp: A. Drumm
Harry Condell: W. S. Stout
Peters Dohbins: R. Harrington
Turnkey at Newgate: H. W. McAleenan
Guard at Newgate: G. E. Washburn
Steve: E. J. Cullinan
Covey: C. A. Sorg
Harry: M. P. O'Connor
Godfrey: S. H. Herr
Edgar: C. J. McFarland
Alfred: J. L. Weist
Arthur: H. R. Symonds
Elwin: W. P. Powell
Bat: G. C. Tillett
Wat: H. O. Dierssen
Tom: C. H. Kelley
Ted: E. L. McDermott
Bob: F. H. Peterman
Tim: J. M. Fox

Notes: Pictures from this appearance can be found in this issue of the Scholastic.

Source(s) Notre Dame Scholastic, Volume 38, April 8, 1905, pp. 423-425.