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Specialized Indexes > Theatre Chronology


1905/1906 School Year

Play Title: Our Pastor

Author: Jerrold Shephard
Dates Performed: November 21, 1905
Sponsoring/Producing Organization:

Cast List

Father Daly: D. Sully
Dollie: Ethel Carpenter
Willie Beckman: E. Belden
Jim Carter: E. Maynard
Arnold Leslie: D. Bruce
Piere Wolf: W. F. Kohman
Silent Ann: Mary Holmes
Margaret Manning: Dorothy Lamb
Miranda Wellington: Pauline Harice
Fitzhugh Potter: C. Gourrand


Source(s) The Notre Dame Scholastic, Volume 39, November 25, 1905, p. 180.

Play Title: The Merchant of Venice

Dates Performed: December 12, 1905
Director: Professor Karr
Stage Manager
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: Senior Dramatic Organizaton/Elocution classes
Venue: President's Day

Cast List

Shylock: J. A. Dwan
Bassanio: L. A. Williams
Antonio: A. E. Lally
Launcelot Gobbo: A. O'Connell
Gratiano: G. N. Sprenger
Salanio: W. J. Heyl
Salarino: C. A. Sorg
Lorenzo: J. D. Sinnott
Salerio: F. J. Roan
Old Gobbo: J. Brady
Duke of Venice: P. Malloy
Portia: Mr. Joyce


Source(s) 1906 Dome; The Notre Dame Scholastic, Vol. 39, October 14, 1905, p. 87, December 22, 1905, pp. 224-225.

Play Title: The Toastmaster:

Author: Norman Lee Swartout
Dates Performed: March 17, 1906
Director: Professor Frederick Karr
Stage Manager: Brother Cyprian
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: Professor Karr's "pick of the University"

Cast List

Towel: Lawrence Williams
Bob Kennark: Mr. Mcglew
Professor Reed: Patrick Malloy
Cynthia: Mr. Donnemiller
Mrs. Reed: Mr. Sorg
Buzzer: Tom Butler
The Toastmaster: Mr. Dwang:
Juniors: Charles Roesch, Mr. Heyl, Mr. O'Connor


Source(s): 1906 Dome, and Program, PNDP 76-Mi-01, AB1.1 (ND Archives); The Notre Dame Scholastic, Volume 39, March 24, 1906, p. 387; 1907 Dome.

Play Title: The Prince and The Pauper

Author: adapted from Mark Twain's Novel of the same name
Dates Performed: Easter Monday, 1906
Director: Professor Frederick Karr
Stage Manager: Brother Cyprian
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: The Philopatrians

Cast List

Edward, Prince of Wales: H. R. Symonds
Tom Canty, Pauper: J. L. Weist
Henry VIII: C. P. Devett
Earl of Hertford: E. L. McDermott
Lord St. John: H. S. Warren
Prince Godfrey: J. R. Tomlinson
Page to the Prince: J. F. McIver
Court Physician: T. B. Roberts
Miles Hendon: H. W. Hilton
Servant to Hendon: W. W. Rice
John Canty: G. E. Washburn
Sykes: C. F. Reilly
Dan Canty: R. N. McDowell
Yokel, Vagabond: B. Landon
Mad Sam: J. M. Fox
Humphrey Marlow: T. J. McFadden
Anthony Gorse: C. D. Murray
Hugh Gallord: J. P. Gormley
Messenger: B. Roe
Dancing Pages/Court Jesters: Ashton V. Byrne, Paul V. Byrne, L. S. Dillon, Thomas A. Byrne, W. C. Foley, J. B. Gallart, C. H. Jones, J. J. Lee, J. F. McIver, J. M. Olston, F. F. Melver, L. G. Rempe, B. Roe


Source(s) 1906 Dome, ; The Notre Dame Scholastic, Volume 39, pp. 443-4.

Play Title: Until the Rising of the Moon

Author: Maurice Francis Egan
Dates Performed: Easter Monday, 1906
Director: Professor Frederick Karr
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: The Philopatrians
Venue: Washington Hall

Cast List

Captain Edward Arden: E. C. Clear
1st Soldier: C. Kelley
2nd Soldier: R. Payne
Captain Tom: H. O. Dierssen
Sentinel: J. G. Sexton
Ted, the Drummer: L. Symonds


Source(s): The Notre Dame Scholastic, Volume 39, p. 444.