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Specialized Indexes > Theatre Chronology


1912/1913 Academic Year

Play: David Garrick

Author: Thomas W. Robertson
Dates: President's Day, Dec. 10, 1912
Director: Professor Charlemagne Koehler
Stage Manager: not found
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: Notre Dame Players' Association

Cast List

Prologue: Harold Andrew McConnell
David Garrick: Leon Peter Gendron
Simon Ingot: George Nolan McCoy
Squire Chivy: Joseph William Stack
Mr. Smith: Patrick Henry Cunning
Mr. Brown: Vincent DePaul Ryan
Mr. Jones: Kingsley Hopkins Murphy
Thomas: Emmett George Lenihan
George: Cyril Glynn Langan
Ada Ingot: Cecil Edward Birder
Mrs. Smith: Knute Rockne
Araminta Brown: Harry Edward Scott


Source: Dome 1913, 131, 237; Scholastic 46:?, Nov. 23, 1912, 159, 205.

The Irish Players

Plays: Kathleen-ni-Houlihan, The Rising of the Moon, The Workhouse-Ward

Author: William Butler Yeats; Lady Gregory; Lady Gregory
Dates: Friday, Jan. 10, 1913, noon until 2:00 o'clock
Venue: Washington Hall
Director: for the Liebler Company, Mr. Frederick Donaghey
Stage Manager: not found
Producing Organization: From the Abbey Theatre, Dublin, presented by the Liebler Company, courtesy of the Chicago Theatre Society

Cast Lists to follow


Source: Program, PNDP 76-No-01, UNDA; Scholastic 46:12?, Nov. 23, 1912, 159, 205; 46:15, January 18, 1913, 235; .

Play: Bob Martin, Substitute Half-Back

Author: Rev. Michael A.Quinlan, C. S. C.
Dates Performed: Washington's Birthday, Feb. 22, 1913
Director: Brother Cyprian
Stage Manager: not found
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: The Philopatrians

Artistic Staff

Make-up: Professor Koehler
Set Design and Construction: Professor Ackerman

Cast List

Hugh Fleming: William D. Loftus
George Keys: Francis R. Lockard
Robert Martin: Sylvester Vyzral
Ray Brown: James P. Smith
Lester Ford: William F. Fox
Fred Lyman: Francis J. McDonough
Harry Lynch: John A. Welch
Harold Hopkins: Leroy F. Lang
Rex Dunn: Garland Hamilton
Dan Morgan: Alfred Berchem
Lee Brooks: Robert E. Carter
Steve Blake: Alex M. Kasper
Joe Howard: Daniel R. Rice
Jimmie Ashton: Francis T. Boyle
Luke Hayes: Steve F. Myer
Grover Krug: Lawrence McIlwee
Charlie Logam: Andrew J. Moynihan


Source: Scholastic, 46:21, March 1, 1913, 333; Dome 1913, 240.

Play: A Night Off: or, A Page From Balzac. A comedy in four acts

Author: Augustin Daly (adapted from the German of Franz and Paul von Schönthan)
Dates Performed: Easter Monday, March 24, 1913
Director: Professor Charlemagne Koehler
Stage Manager:
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: The Senior Class

Cast List

Justinian Babbitt: Raymond Joseph Sieber
Harry Damask: William Edward Cotter
Jack Mulberry: William Galvin
Lord Mulberry: John Francis O'Connell
Marcus Brutus Snap: Patrick H. Cunning
Nisbe Babbitt: Cecil E. Birder
Mrs. Zantippa Babbitt: William Neil Hogan
Susan: Leon Peter Gendron
Angelica Damask: Edward F. Peil
Prowl: Gilbert Marcille

Notes: A Night Off was first produced at Daly's Theatre in New York City on Wednesday, March 4, 1885.

Source: Scholastic 46: 21, March 1, 1913, 408; Dome 1913, 238

last edited by Mark Pilkinton, August 15, 2011