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Specialized Indexes > Theatre Chronology

1913/1914 Academic Year

President's Day Play: As You Like It

Author: William Shakespeare
Dates Performed: December 11, 1913
Director:  Prof. Charlemagne Koehler
Stage Manager:
Producing Organization: The University Dramatic Club

Cast List

The Duke:  Rupert F. Mills
Duke Frederick:  Joseph P. Smith
Amiens:  James D. Hayes
Jacques:  William Meuser
Le Beau:  Mark F. Duncan
Oliver:  William M. Galvin
Orlando:  Joseph Stack
Adam:  John F. Hynes
Charles:  Joseph Gargan
William:  Raymond J. Eichenlaub
Touchstone:  Leon P. Gendron
Sylvius:  Kerndt Healy
Corin:  John Riley
Rosalind:  Cecil Birder
Celia:  Joseph P. Flynn
Phoebe:  Charles J. Murphy
Audrey:  George Kowalski
Lords and Attendants

Play: Troubles in Camp

Author: Father Quinlan
Dates Performed: February 10, 1914
Director:  Brother Cyprian
Stage Manager: 
Producing Organization:  Ex-Philopatrians

Cast List

<cast to follow>

Play [Minstrel Show]: Gold and Blue Serenaders

Dates Performed:  March 17, 1914 (St. Patrick's Day)
Director:  Earl Dickens
Stage Manager: 
Producing Organization:  The Philopatrians

Cast of 30 (to follow)

Senior Play: What's Next?

Dates Performed:  April 14, 1914
Director:  Prof. Charlemagne Koehler
Stage Manager: Brother Cyprian
Musical Director: Frank Derrick
Producing Organization:  The Senior Class

Cast List

Polly Poke:  Cecil Birder
Rose Madder:  William Mooney
Gertie Gush:  Kerndt Healy
Mrs. Wallace:  Harold Madden
Dr. Charles Chintzer:  Twomey Clifford
Phineas Poke:  John Hynes
Zeph Somers:  Raymond Eichenlaub
Timothy Trenwith:  William Galvin
Willy Nilly:  Rupert Mills
Samantha Scroggs:  William Cusak
Pearl "Pearly" Jones:  Knute Kenneth [Kenith] Rockne
Eli Perkins:  Joseph Smith
Thornton Nut:  William F. Fox
Nut Thornton:  Ralph Havland [Havlin]
Moses Madder: Charles Dorais
Joseph Smith: Michael McGilp

Note: Dorais, Eichenlaub, and Rockne, in addition to being talented football players, were all members of the Players Club this year under Professor Koehler.

Source:  Scholastic 47:24 (April 18, 1914), 598-600; Bulletin 1913-1914, 9:4, 34-35; Dome 1914, 124, 126, 128.

Commencement 1914

Dates: Saturday-Monday, June 13-15, 1914.

The Monday evening commencement audience "overtaxed the seating capacity of Washington Hall."

Source: Dome 1915, 178.

last edited by Mark Pilkinton, August 11, 2011