University of Notre Dame

The Story of Notre Dame
Notre Dame: Foundations, 1842-1857 / by John Theodore Wack

Appendix III
The Financial Condition of
Notre Dame du Lac

When Father Moreau made his visit to Notre Dame du Lac in 1857, he instructed Father Dillon to draw up an accounting of the financial condition of the institution. This statement was presented to Moreau at the meeting of the new Council of Administration on September 10, 1857,{1} and it included the following figures:


                            TABLE I


     Accounts Payable:                        $48,351.61{2}
     Accounts Receiveable:
       Worthless accounts:        $601.00
       Doubtful accounts:      $35,437.54
       Good accounts:           $7,971.97


     Book Accounts Payable:                   $14,753.88
     Book Accounts Receiveable: $3,239.70
                              ____________   ____________

                               $47,250.32     $63,105.49
                                (credit)       (debit)

                            TABLE II

                          TOTAL ASSETS

     Total Accounts Receiveable:           $47,250.32
     Real Estate of Province:             $162,850.00
     Movable Property:                     $48,090.97

       Total Assets:                      $258,191.29

                            TABLE III

                            NET VALUE

     Total Assets:                       $258,191.29
     Total Accounts Payable:              $63,105.49


     Worthless and doubtful Accounts:     $36,038.65

     Net Value of Notre Dame du Lac:     $159,047.15

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