University of Notre Dame

The Story of Notre Dame
Notre Dame: Foundations, 1842-1857 / by John Theodore Wack

Notes 4.1

1 Brother Gatian's Journal, entry following that of July 4, 1848, PAHC.

2 See the accounts of Notre Dame du Lac with the Motherhouse, 1845-1851, UNDA.

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12 It should be noted that the very valuable minutes of the meetings of the faculty, the "Minutes of the Council of Professors," have been lost or destroyed for the years from the summer of 1848 to the fall of 1856. Moreover, Brother Gatian's Journal has no further entries after October, 1848. Therefore the historian must rely primarily on the minutes of the Minor Chapter and the "Chronicles" of Father Sorin, plus various letters and other documents, for the history of this period. Fortunately, printed catalogues were published beginning in 1850 (although printed only sporadically until 1855), but this hardly begins to compensate for the loss of the day-by-day information on the life of the college which had been portrayed in the faculty minutes.

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16 Brother Gatian's Journal, entry of October 14, 1848, PAHC. Gatian says that Leon was also to be a professor, but the ledger shows him enrolled as a student, and his name is not to be found on any list of faculty. Cf. Boarders' Ledger No. 2, 1849-1852, UNDA.

17 Annual Catalogue of the University of Notre Dame for 1850. Hereafter cited: Annual Catalogue, 1850; the catalogues for other years will be cited in a corresponding manner.

18 Scholastic, III (Feb. 5, 1870), 85. The Paris Conservatory must be the source of the degrees usually listed after Girac's name -- L.L.D., Mus. Doc."

19 Ibid.; Girac was present at Notre Dame throughout most of the 1850's and in the 1860's with the exception of the war years. Cf. Annual Catalogues for these years.

20 Brother Gatian's Journal, entry following that of July 4, 1848, PAHC.

21 Figures compiled from Boarders' Ledger No. 2, 1849-1852.

22 Boarders' Ledger No. 2, 1849-1852, UNDA; Minor Chapter Book, entry of June 8, 1849, PAHC.

23 Benoit to Sorin, Fort Wayne, March 5 and March 29, 1849, liNDA. The parents of the unidentified young man were becoming Catholics, but were of poor circumstances and Bishop Purcell intended to pay for the boy's clothing and to give $50 for his tuition.

24 A novitiate had previously been attempted when Gouesse was a seminarian, but it had been unable to function properly due to the pressing need for the services of both priests and seminarians as teachers in the schools. Cf. "Chronicles," pp. 50, 125.

25 "Chronicles," p. 128.

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27 Ibid., entry of March 12, 1849, PAHC.

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34 Ibid., entry of September 10, 1849.

35 Ibid., entry of November 11, 1850.

36 Ibid., entry of April 9, 1848.

37 Oddly enough, there is no mention of the commencement ceremony or of the granting of degrees in any of the contemporary sources, not even in Sorin's own "Chronicles" (but then the "Chronicles" rarely took note of any graduates, even in later years). It is recorded, however, in the Silver Jubilee history that the first degrees were granted in 1849 (see pp. 85-87, 89). Another source, written at about the same time as the Silver Jubilee, which was published In 1869, states that no degrees were granted until 1851 (cf. Scholastic, I (May 2, 1868), 1). The Silver Jubilee reports two degrees in 1849, and two more in 1852, but none in 1850-1851. All other histories of Notre Dame follow this account. But, despite the fact that Gillespie himself was one of the contributors to the Silver Jubilee history, its accuracy may be questioned, for it also notes that there were two honorary degrees granted in 1849, whereas contemporary sources in UNDA indicate that these degrees were granted in 1850.

38 Silver Jubilee, pp. 85-87, 89.

39 Granger, "Obituaries . . . of the Province," lists him ss 41 when he died on November 12, 1874. 40 Silver Jubilee, pp. 85-86.

41 Ibid.; cf. Golden Jubilee, p. 74.

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43 Neal H. Gillespie to his sister, Eliza Gillespie, Notre Dame du Lac, September 2, 1849, UNDA.

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45 Neal H. Gillespie to his mother, Mrs. M. M. Phelan, Notre Dame, n.d., UNDA.

46 Ibid.

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58 Ibid. There is no mention of F. X. Byerley in other sources. One wonders whether he might have been a son or other relative of Samuel Byerley.

59 For an interesting view of the influence of the classics on the western pioneer, see Walter A. Agard, "Classics on the Midwest Frontier," The Frontier in Perspective, edited by Walter D. Wyman and Clifton B. Kroeber (Madison, Wisc.,: 1957), pp. 165-183.

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68 Annual Catalogue, 1850; later he is listed as "Professor of Evidences of Christianity. Cf. Annual Catalogue, 1859.

69 "Chronicles," p. 132.

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