University of Notre Dame

The Story of Notre Dame
Notre Dame: Foundations, 1842-1857 / by John Theodore Wack

Notes 4.2

1 Compilation taken from Boarders' Ledger No. 2, 1849-52, UNDA. Cf. the Annual Catalogue, 1850, which lists 56 regular students plus thirteen in theology.

2 Boarders' Ledger No. 2, 1849-1852, UNDA.

3 The "Chronicles" were probably brought up to date at this time, and Sorin spoke therein of the academic achievements of "this year" with considerable satisfaction. "Chronicles," pp. 130-132.

4 Ibid., p. 134.

5 Ibid., p. 135.

6 Father Granger, 'Book of Ceremonies, 1849-1868," PAHC. The two men were later ordained on March 20, 1850, as Granger also notes.

7 "Chronicles," p. 137.

8 Ibid.

9 Ibid.; in a later note, Sorin indicated that the sum raised by the two women was only $75, but at the going rate, 700 francs were equal to about $130. Perhaps 700 francs were pledged, but not all pledges were honored. Cf. Ibid., p. 139.

10 Minor Chapter Book, entry of November 19, 1849, PAHC.

11 "Chronicles," p. 139.

12 Minor Chapter Book, entry of December 13, 1849, PAHC.

13 Father Baroux, "Seventeen Years in the Life of a Missionary Apostolic in Europe, Africa, Asia, and America," unpublished manuscript, pp. 42-43, UNDA.

14 "Chronicles," p. 139.

15 Minor Chapter Book, entry of May 6, 1850, PAHC.

16 "Chronicles," p. 138; Baroux, "Seventeen Years . . . ," p. 69, UNDA.

17 Brother Edward [?], "The Record of Notre Dame -- 1840, 1814, 42," UNDA. The Brother particularly complained about the many bedbugs which infested the wooden bedsteads in the summer, saying "it was next impossibility to sleep."

18 Chapter Book, entry of April 22, 1850, PAHC.

19 Minor Chapter Book, entry of September 28, 1849, PAHC.

20 Ibid., entry of January 28, 1850, PAHC.

21 Papers of the St. Joseph Company, UNDA.

22 Note of George B. Woodworth and Notre Dame du Lac, 27 (Feb.), 1850, papers of the St. Joseph Company, UNDA.

23 Papers of the St. Joseph Company, UNDA. These papers list the company by their legal names, but the religious names are to be found in the record of the Brothers' last wills and testaments elsewhere in UNDA. Only Michael Dowling's religious name is unlisted there, but, since Sorin indicates on page 141 of his "Chronicles" that Brother Stephen was one of the party, then this must have been the religious name of Dowling.

24 Articles of Agreement, Papers of the St. Joseph Company, UNDA.

25 Ibid.

26 Moreau to Granger, October 29, 1851, UNDA.

27 Granger, "Obituary . . . of the Province," UNDA.

28 Ibid. Brother Lawrence died at Notre Dame in 1873 at age 57, and Brother Justin died there in 1870 at age 69. 29 "Chronicles," p. 141.

30 Lafontaine accounts, UNDA.

31 Annual Catalogue, 1850.

32 Minutes of the St. Aloysius Society, UNDA.

33 Carl Russell Fish, The Rise of the Common Man (New York: 1927), p. 207.

34 Ibid., p. 206. Miami University of Oxford, Ohio, had two such literary societies which were a major force in the education of her college men. Cf. Havighurst, The Miami Years, 1809-1859, pp. 60 ff.

35 Silver Jubilee, p. 74.

36 Minutes of the St. Aloysius Literary Society, 1850-1861, UNDA. Gillespie later returned as President of the Society.

37 Ibid. This system caused considerable consternation in that the student-president kept the only key to the room, and it could not be used unless he might be found to open the door.

38 "Chronicles," p. 141.

39 Ibid.; Silver Jubilee, p. 155.

40 The printed speech is in UNDA.

41 Silver Jubilee, pp. 155-156. This history lists the date of these two honorary degrees, like those of Gillespie and Shortis, as 1849. While there is no positive evidence to contradict the date of the graduation of the latter two men, it is certain that the correct date of the ceremony for the awarding of the two honorary degrees should be 1850 rather than 1849. There is a published copy of Gregg's address in UNDA dated "Commencement Day, June 30, 1850," and Sorin's own "Chronicles," p. 143, verifies this. Gardner Jones is nowhere listed as being among the faculty members at Notre Dame in 1849; he first appears in the records of the college in the spring of 1850 when a copy of a handbill for an academic "Exhibition" lists him as the principle speaker at the college on St. Joseph's Day (March 19), 1850, and the "Scholastic Almanac", (photostats in UNDA) lists him as having arrived on the campus as a professor on May 12, 1850.

42 "Address of the Hon. David L. Gregg" in UNDA.

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