University of Notre Dame

The Story of Notre Dame
Notre Dame: Foundations, 1842-1857 / by John Theodore Wack

Notes 6.1

1 The Cattas have dealt with the situation rather extensively in their two volume work on the life of Moreau, but this account is markedly from the French point of view.

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14 Minor Chapter Book, entry of May 8, 1851, PAHC; "Chronicles," p. 146. Sorin had been given permission by Moreau in March of 1851 to deal with Father Gouesse and New Orleans as he saw fit, at least until the meeting of the General Chapter was held in August, 1851, at Notre Dame de Ste. Croix. Catta, op. cit., I, 941-942.

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16< i>Ibid., I, 945-948. Moreau did not vote to return Gouesse to New Orleans, but he allowed the vote of his Chapter to stand.

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26 "Chronicles," p. 164. The ultimate result of this move was the loss of the Indian mission. The church at Pokagan remained untended for awhile; no priest was available so a seminarian, Mr. Fourmand, was sent from Notre Dame, but in a few weeks he left the Society, was ordained by the Bishop of Detroit, and returned to the missions at Pokagan as a secular priest, thus removing these Indians from the jurisdiction of Notre Dame. Cf. Ibid., pp. 164-165.

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29 Catta, op. cit., I, 803-894, Sorin states that Cointet, like Granger, was asked to go but also refused. "Chronicles," p. 165.

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37 Drouelle wrote to Sorin: "Would not your departure from the Lake mean the loss of everything? And who would replace you? . . . The mission in Bengal is undoubtedly important, especially from the viewpoint of our relations with Rome. But Notre Dame du Lac is no less important, and failure there, or rather ruin, would inevitably make a regretable impression. Do not deceive yourself, dear Father Sorin. You are entering on a new Via Dolorosa; you are only changing your suffering instead of being delivered from it." As quoted in Catta, op. cit., I, 961.

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50 "Chronicles," pp. 176-177. One wonders how much this decision to separate reflected the Americanization of Sorin and of Notre Dame du Lac. This jingoistic period of American history was rampant with calls for the development of Young America in an environment wholly freed from the stifling influences of the old order of Europe. It is interesting to observe that the experience of Sorin at Notre Dame du Lac -- the impatience to cast off the restraints of Europe, the realization that old methods were not often practical in a new land, and the impetuous exuberance which went with the conviction that fortune and success were within the reach of all who responded to the new world -- was duplicated in other persons and institutions in the United States in this period. 51 Catta, op. cit. I, 977-980.

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55 Commencement Program for 1853, UNDA. Probably a substantial number of the students were awarded a premium.

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