University of Notre Dame

The Story of Notre Dame
Notre Dame: Foundations, 1842-1857 / by John Theodore Wack

Notes 5

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4 Visa of Reverend Edward Sorin issued in France for a trip to Italy states that he was a "citizen of Indiana as shown by a certificate of naturalization issued to him on January 4, 1850. Visa in UNDA.

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18 See Sorin's introduction to the Annual Catalogue of 1851. The Catalogue for 1850 lists fifty-six students plus thirteen more young men who were enrolled in Theology and studying for the priesthood -- this enrollment was noted in the Annual Catalogue for 1850 and was dated January 1, 1850. The Catalogue for 1851 lists 61 students in January, 1851, but it makes no mention of theology students. There was no catalogue for 1852, so no further comparison can be made.

19 Statistics taken from Statistical View of the United States . . . Being a Compendium of the Seventh Census (1850); additional statistics from the same source show that nationally there were roughly 7 teachers per college or university in the U.S., while in Indiana the average was about 6. notre Dame listed 7 in the catalogue printed in 1850.

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23 See the introduction by Father Sorin to the Annual Catalogue, 1851, which is dated January 1, 1851.

24 Ibid.; in this introductory section, Sorin spends nearly two pages lauding the primary importance of strong academic discipline in the life of a college, especially one based on principles of religion.

25 Ibid.; it is impossible to identify these men.

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32 Minor Chapter Book, entries of November 15 and 16, 1851, PAHC. The New Orleans mission is described below in Chapter VI.

33 The will is in UNDA.

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35 A map and description of Notre Dame in 1850 may be found in a letter of Neal Gillespie to his sister, Eliz, Notre Dame, November 5, 1850, UNDA.

36 Cf. the Minor Chapter Book, entry of October 27, 1851, PAHC, which calls for the sale of land in Fort Wayne to meet a debt of $300.

37 The day-by-day finances of the college at this time may be found in the Waste Book of Notre Dame du Lac, No. 2" which begins on February 1, 1850, and lists all of the expenses of the institution; cf. a ledger, dated 1846-1854, containing a list of all tenants and debtors of Notre Dare (especially students who owed tuition), including the amount of their accounts. Both documents are in UNDA.

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39 Ibid., p. 163; cf. Minor Chapter Book, entry of July 6, 1852, PAHC.

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41 Boarders' Ledger No. 2, 1849-1852, UNDA. Oddly, Glennan is still listed as a Senior student in the "Program for Commencement" of 1852-1853 which served as a catalogue for that year (it is bound with the Annual Catalogues). This program, however, says nothing else concerning his status or date of graduation. Perhaps, like Gillespie, he elected to remain at the school as a teacher-student while he made up his mind concerning his vocation.

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