The Archives operates under certain policies and procedures that researchers should know.

The Access Policy gives a general sense of what records in our collections are open for research use and which are currently closed. The access restrictions are especially important for researchers planning a trip to the Archives, as the records you wish to view may be closed.

The Records Management and Archives Policy is the authority under which the Archives collects and preserves University records.

The Collection Policy defines the types of records that the University Archives collects.

The Archives Services Pricing Policy identifies standard and custom archival services provided to Notre Dame departments with related costs and fees.

The Rules of the Reading Room and the Procedures for Use of Material tell visiting researchers how they should conduct themselves while working with the collections.

The Outgoing Loan Guidelines explain how the University Archives supports requests for exhibition loans from its collections.

If you have questions about any of these policies, please contact the Archives.



This page was last updated April 17, 2023.