University of Notre Dame


Father Sorin also built a two storied Infirmary near the north-east corner of the college building. This was in 1844. Eight years later the building was enlarged, and a good portion of it was used to house regular students who were desirous of having private rooms. Prospective students were warned that if they wanted private rooms they had better make early application.

In 1850, however, a new infirmary was built. It was erected at the north-west corner of the administration building, on the site occupied until recent date by the old kitchens. It had a sad fate, as will appear in a later chapter. With the erection of this new infirmary, the "old infirmary,"as it was called, was used for class rooms and for a band room.

-- Notre Dame -- One Hundred Years / by Arthur J. Hope, C.S.C.

The most important of the improvements at Notre Dame du Lac this year [1864] was the rebuilding of the infirmary, which from a little old cabin was made a respectable building of 100ft. in length by 45ft. in width, three stories high.

This building, like the college, is heated by steam. For the present the second story is entirely devoted to classes, and a part of the ground floor [is occupied] by the professors. The remainder, that is to say, what is strictly speaking about half of what is actually necessary, for the infirmary.

-- Chronicles of Notre Dame du Lac / by Edward Sorin, C.S.C.