Request for Permission to Publish or Exhibit

To request permission to publish, please submit the form below. A member of the University Archives team will contact you to discuss your project further. Completing this form does not inherently grant permission to publish.

The Notre Dame Archives charges a service fee to cover the initial cost of providing copies of material from our collections. Any subsequent use or redistribution of this material is subject to an additional duplication fee. The duplication fee is not a licensing or copyright fee.

Applicants should be aware that physical ownership by the Notre Dame Archives does not imply that Notre Dame has ownership of copyright to the materials and the request for the payment of a duplication fee does not constitute a claim of copyright by Notre Dame or imply that you have permission of the copyright owner to use the materials in a commercial venture.

Obtaining a license from the copyright owner and payment of licensing fees are the user's responsibility. Materials from the University of Notre Dame Archives may be protected by copyright law under Title 17 U.S. Code.

Permission for duplication is considered only for the expressed purpose described in this application and is contingent upon receipt of any and all other necessary permissions which are the sole responsibility of the user.

Permission is non-exclusive and non-transferable and is for one-time use only with no other rights unless those rights are specifically agreed upon with the Notre Dame Archives.

 Please review the entire Publication Use Form before proceeding.






This page was last updated July 28, 2023