Services, Fees, and Forms

The University Archives provides research and duplication services for researchers at their request.  All researchers requesting duplications of archival material will be required to sign forms stating their agreement with Archives’ policies and procedures prior to receiving copies.  The Archives reserves the right to refuse to duplicate any material found in its collections if, in its judgment, duplication could result in damage to the material.  Major portions of a collection will not be duplicated for any researcher.

Duplication of material found in the Archives of the University of Notre Dame is a service designed to facilitate research.  Reproductions of archival records will be made solely for the personal use of the individual researcher requesting them, and are not to be sold, given away or duplicated in any manner without the prior written permission of the University Archivist.  Duplication of material by the Archives does not constitute permission to publish.

The guidelines governing fees for Notre Dame departments may be found in our Archives Services Pricing Policy.

Research Services

University Archives staff will assist with research or reference requests pending time and availability. If you wish to commission someone to carry out research on your behalf, individual departments at the University of Notre Dame may be able to recommend researchers for hire. The Society of American Archivists also maintains a list of individuals who may be available for hire.

The University Archives does not sponsor or endorse these individuals and will not be responsible for research arrangements, payments or results.


Reproduction Fees and Forms


For most photocopies, there is a charge of 25 cents per sheet for the first 20 sheets and 50 cents per sheet thereafter.  There is a $5.00 minimum fee for all duplication requests sent by mail.

Copies of calendared documents and microfilm prints are $1.00 per sheet.

Photographs / Audio Visual Material

All researchers requesting copies of photographs or audio-visual material should first contact the Archives to place an order.  A staff member will complete an invoice form and send it to you by email or mail.  Once payment is received, we will begin to process your order.  It may take several weeks for you to receive your copies. 

If you are requesting duplications for publication, please fill out this form. 

If you are requesting duplications for commercial projects regarding the University, you may also need to discuss your project with the University’s Licensing Department.  Please contact the Archives for commercial rates.

Photographic Prints

   5x7     $15
  8x10     $25
11x14     $35
16x20     $75
20x24    $120
24x30    $140
30x40    $220

*Special services such as mounting and printing on canvas are also available.
Contact the Archives for more information and rates.

High Resolution Scans

High-resolution scans are done in house and cost $20 for each scan.  If we send the scans via mail on a CD, a $5 fee per order also applies.


Betacam Tape $100
VHS Tape $25 (copied from video)
VHS Tape $50 (copied from film)
DVD $50
CD (audio) $40


The University Archives does not lend microfilm out for research. Instead, researchers must visit the Archives to use it or request prints from home.  For additional information on the microfilm holdings and how to receive prints or duplicate reels, please click here.

This page was last updated July 28, 2023