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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1736/02/17





1736 Feb. 17

Chantalou, (clerk, Augustin)
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

Jean Paul Le Sueur, Captain of the Infantry and the Marine deeds to his brother-in-law Joseph (Chauvin) Delary eight arpents of land one league and a half from New Orleans and between the land of Messers Francois Sirvais de Belisle (Bellile) and Jacques Hubert Belair in exchange for twelve arpents of land located at Collapissas which he gives to their common niece M'd'lle Catherine Chauvin de la Freniere daughter of Nicolas Chauvin de la Freniere, Counselor in the Superior Council of the province and his wife Marguerite Le Sueur. Done at New Orleans in the presence of Paul Balcour and Louis Hugont. (Nicolas) Henry, notary.

IV-4-a A.D.S. 2pp. 8vo. (French)

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