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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1740/01/03





1740 Jan. 3

Salmon (Edme Gatien) Commissioner of the Marine, Ordinateur and first judge of the Superior Council of Louisiana

De Morand (Charles)
Chastang (Francois)
Morisset (Louis)
Fleuriau (Francois)
Voisin (Pierre)
Alexandre (Viel, Bernard)
Du Dreuil (Joseph Villars)
Henry, (clerk, Nicolas)
Father Pierre CAP.
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

(Raymond) St. Martin de Jauriquibery is elected to be churchwarden in place of Sieur de Morand in the presence of Sieur de Salmon of Monsieur Chevalier (Henry) de Louboye (Louboey), lieutenant of the King in the province of La. of Monsieur Fleuriau, procurator of the King, in the presence also of Messieurs Du Breuil, de Morand, Chastang, Voisin, and Morisset, churchwarden of Sieur Alexandre former churchwarden. Next year Jauriquibery is to take the place of Sieur Du Breuil Villars and he is to solicit and collect the funds for the parish church and presbytery according to the decision of Nov. 2, 1738, which shall be 50 sols per negro and according to the wealth and position of those who have no slaves. At New Orleans in the presbytery.

IV-4-a A.D.S. 2pp. 8vo. (French)

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