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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1787/04/24




1787 Apr. 24

(Limpach, O.M.C.), Father Bernard (von), pastor of the parish of St. Louis
St. Louis, (Missouri)

to (Father Antonio de Sedella, auxiliary vicar)
(New Orleans), (Louisiana)

He has no news from Sedella by the boat of Bonaventura Colliell but through Predro Piernas, colonel, he has learned that he (Bernard) is not to be removed from his parish at St. Louis; a letter of Gov. (Estevan Miro) had given him hope. The parish at St. Louis is better able to be without a pastor than others, notably that at St. Charles, (German Coast, Louisiana) since it can be served from Kahos (Cahokia, Illinois). Martin Navaro has sent through Colliell an order of the king to the missionaries of Illinois that they are to conform for their perquisites to the regulations of the diocese of Santiago de Cuba instead of Quebec. He has learned that Francois Notario, (O.P.) does not intend to come to the Illinois. He asks about the division of perquisites.

IV-4-c A.L.S. 3pp. 8vo. (French)

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