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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1790/03/27














1790 Mar. 27


to Father Antonio Sedella, O.M.Cap.
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

(Ms. water stained and illegible; faculties are mentioned).

IV-4-g A.L. 4pp. (?) 8vo. (Spanish)

1790 Mar. 27

Le Dru, (O.P., Jean Antoine), St. Louis aux Illinois
(St. Louis, Missouri

to Father (Antonio de Sedella, O.M.Cap. auxiliary vicar)
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

He has decided to accept the parish of St. Louis; it is incomparably better than the one he has left, (Kaskaskia, Illinois) where he received the wage of a slave, no Masses and the people were ungrateful. His pension is barely sufficient for the upkeep of a horse, a cow, and a slave. He has recommended his case to the bishop (Cirilo Sieni of Barcelona). He now asks Sedella to use his good influence in his favor or if the bishop is not at home to approach the government. The villages of Illinois could be cared for from St. Louis which is a much better place to live in. The state of religion is so bad that there are few Masses of devotion and for the most part none for the dead. If (Sedella) has more Masses than he needs Le Dru could relieve him of some of the obligations.

IV-4-g A.L.S. 4pp. 8vo. (French)

1790 Mar. 27

Vega, Diego de
Panzacola (Pensacola, Florida)

to Father Antonio de Sedella, (auxiliary vicar)
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

He has received Sedella's letter and the wax. He is sending his partner Pedro Piernas 150 pesos for a box of books to be sent for by the tobacco ships sailing to Cadiz. The good news about his daughter Adriana is a source of happiness. The last ships from (New Orleans) bring news that Pensacola will be visited in May by Cirilo (Sieni of Barcelona, bp. of Tricali), Colonel (Estevan Miro) to bring the letters which he has in the (New Orleans) mail because Juan Lozada, who is commissioned for Pensacola says he has written twice feigning reception of and accounting for letters that were sent to him from (New Orleans). Therefore he asks Sedella to call for and send the letters. He also sends letters to be mailed; only the one to Mrs. Margarita Madrid needs to have postage paid; he sends these letters and the postage with Miguel Dapena, who will also turn over money for nine Masses given by Vega's company for deceased members. Regards to Joseph de Ortega. P.S. He has decided to enclose the letter to Mrs. Madrid in that of Santos de Bustamente, which is the one which will need the postage paid.

IV-4-g A.L.S. 4pp 8vo. (Spanish)

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