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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1795/12/09




1795 Dec. 9

Limpach, Father Bernardo de
(Pointe Coupee)

to Bishop Penalver y Cardenas
(New Orleans)

Limpach states that he is sending enclosed therewith the summary as he has been ordered to do by the Bishop's decree of Dec. 3, 1795. Signed by Bernardo de Limpach.
--There follows the summary of the register of the Parochial Church of Punta Cortada (Pointe Coupee) in the Diocese of Louisiana for the year 1795. (The same date as above).
1). The number of men was 1095. Among them:
a). There were 128 white from 1 to 15 years of age, and 186 from 15 years on.
b). Free half-breed: 15 from 1 to 15 years and 11 from 15 on.
c). Slaves: 217 from 1 to 15 years and 538 from that on.
2). The number of women was 738. Among them:
a). There were 83 white from 1 to 15 years of age and 131 from 15 on.
b). Free half-breed: 22 from 1 to 15 and 17 from then on.
c). Slaves: 155 from 1 to 15 and 281 from 15 on.
3). The total souls was then 1838.
4). Furthermore, Father Limpach states
a). That 98 did not fulfill the annual precept.
b). That this church has the eventual rent from banks and burials of 178 "pesos," out of which 40 are spent yearly for wax, oblates, etc.
c). That there are 98 Protestants included in the total number. Signed by Father Bernardo de Limpach.

IV-5-d A.L.S. 3pp. 8vo. (Spanish)

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