University of Notre Dame

Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1798









Carrick, J(ames) and others
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

to Bishop (Luis Penalver y Cardenas
New Orleans, Louisiana)

The undersigned ask (Penalver) to petition His Majesty for the fulfillment of the following plans: They notice the increasing necessity for an institution for the education of the younger generation. They propose the founding of a school as follows:
1. The building will be erected outside the city but not too
distant to hinder the attendance of day pupils.
2. The sum of $40,000 is to be collected, selling 200 shares at
$200 each, to be paid one half in cash and the rest in six
month's time.
3. At the opening of the school six priests will be ready not
only to teach but to provide spiritual aid.
4. The amount of each share will be paid back at the request of
either the buyer or director at the rate of one-tenth each
year, beginning after the first two.
5. The course will be for six years. Latin, Spanish, French and
English will be taught.
6. Geography, history, pure and applied mathematics, navigation,
surveying, mechanical engineering, speculative philosophy,
experimental physics, rhetoric and belles letters will be
taught, with teachers of music, drawing and dancing also. The
Catholic religion will not be neglected.
7. Stockholders will be preferred in the admission of their
children or someone they recommend, limiting this to one for
each share.
8. Stockholders in this city will see Mr. Faury, the treasurer;
those in surrounding posts will see their local
representatives who will turn over the collections as soon as
possible. G(aspard?) Debuys, Pedro Pedesclaux, J(osep)h Faurie and J. Etienne Bore sign with Carrick.

V-1-g L.S. 4pp. 4to. (Spanish)


(Pavie, Father Pedro)
Natchitoches, Louisiana

to (Bishop Luis Penalver y Cardenas
New Orleans, Louisiana)

Census of Natchitoches 1798. 959 men, 776 women, an increase of 34; the church has no regular income; the new collector will try to collect what is due; most of the parishioners have not made their Easter duty.

V-1-g D. (French) 1p. 4to.

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