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1799 (Apr. 8)

(Penalver y Cardenas, Bishop Luis)

Permission for Father Agustin Lamare, (O.F.M.) to retire to his monastery in Havana.

1799 Mar. 30

Lamare, Father Agustin
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

to Bishop (Penalver y Cardenas)
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

In 1798 Lamare wrote to his provincial that because of his health and because he had come provisionally to the colony and had remained ten years he would like to retire to Havana. Knowing that in the past year the chaplain general had given orders to the governor of the province to permit him to retire, Lamare appeals to (Penalver). The governor has written to Havana for a priest; Lamare will not retire at least until the troops have made their Easter duty. He has put in 12 years of work in the colony and cannot continue because of ill health. He asks (Penalver) to declare him freed from his duties as chaplain of the 2nd Battalion of the Infantry and give him permission to retire.

L.S. (Spanish)

1799 Mar. 30

(Penalver y Cardenas), Bishop Luis
New Orleans, Louisiana

to Manuel (Gayoso) Galloso de Lemos
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

(Penalver) encloses Lamare's statement asking for his retirement to which the captain seems favorably disposed as Gayoso informed him but not on the terms set forth in the statement. (Penalver) thinks the chaplain of the 1st Battalion Father Jose Briones who was in Plaquemine could be brought up, since there are two and one could return to that fort as agreed on October 23.

A.L.S. Draft (Spanish)

1799 Apr. 3

Gayoso de Lemos, Manuel
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

Gayoso returns Lamare's statement. As Penalver asked in the letter of March 30, Gayoso orders Briones to be ready to go. Since there are two chaplains one can be sent to that fort.

L.S. (Spanish)

1799 Apr. 8

Penalver y Cardenas, Bishop Luis
New Orleans, Louisiana

Penalver gives permission for Lamare to return to his monastery in Havana because of ill health. Lamare's services have been carried out with exactitude and charity. Father Isidro Quintero acts as secretary.

D.S. Copy (Spanish)

V-2-d L.S., A.L.S. Draft, D.S. Copy (Spanish) 7pp. 4to. & 8vo.

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