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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1799/07/05





1799 Jul. 5

1799 Feb. 16

Lavranyse(?), Father Juan Pedro
Cuellar, Spain

to (Bishop Luis Penalver y Cardenas)
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

Lavranyse must have news of the man to whom is addressed the enclosed letter, (no enclosure), (Silvestre Lavadie), and his two cousins who went to (Louisiana) with their father in 1792(?). One was a doctor named Abadie or Labadie, like his uncle and cousin; the other who had no determined profession was named Luis Habine(?) Solenave, Lavranyse's cousin, whom he persuaded to follow his kinsman at the beginning of the French revolution in order to save his life. Lavranyse does not know if he made use of the Latin or philosophy he had taught him, having d3estined him for the priesthood. The year after his departure Lavranyse was put out of his pastorate and country. Since then he has lived in exile in such poverty that he cannot leave unless Lavadie can send him aid. Lavranyse at 60 has rheumatism and has suffered the loss of his left eye. He has received no reply to many letters sent, therefore he has recourse to (Penalver) to beg him to see that the letter reaches its destination.

A.L.S. (Spanish)

1799 Jul. 5

(Penalver y Cardenas), L(uis), Bishop of
New Orleans, Louisiana

to Father Juan Pedro Lavadie

Two weeks ago Penalver received a letter enclosing a letter for Silvestre Lavadie addressed to the Illinois country 500 leagues away. Someone of the same name came to this colony and stayed the year of (17)94. If the letter is not for him or the nephew, will Lavadie make inquiries. (?)

A.L.S. Draft (Spanish)

V-2-f A.L.S. Draft (Spanish) 3pp. 8vo

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