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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1801/02/07







1801 Feb. 7

(Carroll), Bishop John
Baltimore, (Maryland)

to (Bishop Luis Penalver y Cardenas)
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

(Carroll)'s last letter to (Penalver) was written more than a year ago and given to a captain sailing from Baltimore to (New Orleans). In it (Carroll) stated his anxiety to provide a priest for the Catholics at the mouth of the Mississippi and neighboring country, recently annexed to the United States of America out (of the territory) of the King of Spain. This letter is brought by Mr. Flechier, a Frenchman who fought under Louis XVI. He belongs to the family of Bishop (Esprit) Flechier of Nimes. All (Carroll)'s endeavors to provide for the faithful whom he mentioned have failed. The priest, after various delays, dared not undertake it and has transferred his efforts to another section. Therefore (Carroll) asks (Penalver) to furnish the churches nearest him in the diocese with priests. (Carroll) gives (Penalver) his powers and if he stations any priests in this work he may grant them the faculties customary in these parishes.

V-2-m A.L.S. (Latin) 3pp. 8vo.

(1801) (Feb. 7)

1800 Nov. 20

Lusson, Father L(eandre)
St. Charles, Missouri

to Bishop (Luis Penalver y Cardenas)
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

Lusson received (Penalver's) letter of last January 7. He sends the census of St. Charles and St. Ferdinand. St. Charles has a population of 709, an increase of 33; there are about 15 non-Catholic families. The marriages of non-Catholics are in a separate register for St. Charles, St. Ferdinand and St. Andre. All the non-Catholics come to St. Charles and St. Ferdinand to have their children baptized. St. Ferdinand has a population of 286; there are 50 non-Catholics. St. Andre, popularly called Riviere a Bonhomme has 6 Catholics and 50 or 60 non-Catholic families. The people of St. Ferdinand are working to build a church.

A.L.S. (French)

On the same paper:

1801 Feb. 7

(Penalver y Cardenas, Bishop Luis)
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

to Father Carlos Leandro Lus(s)on
(St. Charles, Missouri)

(Penalver received Lus(s)on's letter of November of last year. St. Andre where there are so many Protestants ... (handwriting undecipherable) especially the young who have received baptism(?)

A. Draft (Spanish)

V-2-m A.L.S. (French), A. Draft (Spanish) 3pp. 8vo.

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