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Records Coordinators / Records Contacts

The successful implementation of the Records Management and Archives Policy relies on each University division designating its own Records Coordinator. A Records Coordinator must understand the reporting structure within the division and have authority to enforce records management procedures within designated departments and offices. Records Coordinators are responsible for:

  • attending a policy implementation session presented by the University Archives;
  • identifying Records Contacts within subordinate office units;
  • ensuring that Records Contacts undergo formal training provided by the Archives;
  • assisting in the development of office-specific records retention schedules;
  • overseeing Records Contacts’ compliance with general and office-specific records retention schedules and consulting with the University Archives to resolve compliance issues.

Records Contacts perform the administrative duties involved with records organization, retention, and disposition in specific offices. A Records Contact must understand an office's records and recordkeeping practices. Records Contacts will:

  • participate in a formal records management training program provided by the University Archives;
  • work with the Archives to develop office-specific records retention schedules;
  • establish and maintain recordkeeping practices that permit effective and efficient records transfer or destruction, most importantly by ensuring that record series correspond with records retention schedules and that filing systems allow for the regular retirement of records;
  • ensure that the office complies with general and office-specific records retention schedules.




This page was last updated January 24, 2017