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The University Archives serves all University offices and can offer advice and expertise for any projects or initiatives that impact or relate to University records. The following resources are offered in response to frequently asked questions. Please contact the Archives for additional information or for one-on-one consultation.


Records Management Checklist:
Questions to help offices evaluate their recordkeeping practices

Identifying Historical University Records:
Guidelines for identifying historically valuable records

Dealing with Sensitive and Highly Sensitive Information:
Special considerations for payment card numbers and Social Security numbers

Records Coordinators / Records Contacts:
Duties and activities of individuals responsible for records management compliance at division, department and office levels

How to Use Records Retention Schedules

Using General Schedules:
How to comply with general records retention schedules

Using Office-Specific Schedules:
How to comply with office-specific records retention schedules

Conducting an Annual Records Clean-Out:
How to perform a clean-out of inactive records

Filing and Recordkeeping Strategies

Filing Essentials:
General recordkeeping principles applicable to records in any media

Electronic Records:
Basic principles for electronic records and electronic recordkeeping systems

Paper Records:
Recordkeeping tips unique to paper files

Managing Files of University Leaders:
Guidelines for maintaining files of Officers, Deans, Directors and other University leaders

Records on the Move

Preparing for an Office Move:
Tips to keep records properly managed during an office relocation

Preparing to Leave a University Position:
Steps to organize records prior to separating from the University or transferring to a different office


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