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"The Councils are established in the Society in order to help the superiors in discharging their functions; to secure the execution of all the acts of administration in which they are respectively concerned; to preserve the Rules and Constitutions, and to propose to Rev. Father Rector the modifications or ameliorations thought proper.

"The members of any council must always hold their places accordingly to their dignity in the Society. They will speak in their turn when called upon by the president and never two at once.

"They ought never to be guided in giving their opinion by any natural inclination, aversion, or humor, but they must do it holily with a pure and simple intention, without ever quarreling or despising others' views; if they have sometimes to defend a different opinion, let it be done sweetly and modestly. "It is forbidden to interrupt any member actually speaking, or to speak too loud; the tone of voice will always be serious, grace, modest, and respectful.

"Those who see that a decision opposed to their own views, is, or will be adopted, must esteem themselves happy with St. Vincent de Paul for being thus discharged from the responsibility that would have been imposed upon them had their own advice been followed.

"The councils will always give the example of perfect submission toward their Superiors, considering as a sacred duty the strengthening of authority, and conciliating to them both mind and heart.

"When the President after proposing the matter for deliberation will ask the opinion of the members, they shall all answer frankly and modestly, proposing their reasons with liberty, but with no pretension, or bitterness, or stubbornness and without any view of being remarked.

"The members will try to be exact in their meeting at 8 o'clock, p.m., and to end it as much as possible at 8:30." E. Sorin, Provincial, 184-

(Council, Grand of Priests and Brothers)

See under "Sorin".

(General Council of Brothers, 1842-5)

Father Sorin, Brothers Vincent, Lawrence, John (Steber), succeeded by Paul (de la Hoyde), Gatian, Paul (Keegan). Sometimes also Fathers Granger and Cointet.

(Council of Priests and Brothers, 1847)

"The Council of Priests and Brothers shall not be held any more, as was done last year; but matters special to each Society shall be treated before the capitulants at the end of the Minor Chapter which generally meets on Fridays." Minor Chapter, October 11, 1847

(Provincial Council, 1857)

Sorin, Provincial; Granger; Amadeus, Steward; Stephen, Treasurer (at Chicago); and Father Voors (or Force), at Chicago.

Father Moreau, General, presided. August 30, 1857.

Councils -- 1840's:

(1) Minor Chapter to distinguish it from the Major Chapter (Council) at the Motherhouse, LeMans.

(2) Council of Trades.

(3) Council of Agriculture

(4) Monthly Council of Priests

(5) Monthly Council of Brothers

(6) Council of Professors

(7) Council of Overseers of Prefects every other Sunday.

1847: "The Council of Professors will be held every Friday from 7:30 to 8:30. Local Council

"The Council of Overseers (Prefects . . . after Council of Discipline in 1844) will meet on every other Sunday at 5:30." Local Council

(Council of Administration, 1843-1847)

Organized May 28, 1843. Archive records begins with September 1, 1845, and ends on March 27 when Father Moreau ordered its work taken over by the Minor Chapter.

Example of report: "August 10, 1846 1) The Council examines the Cash Book and found balance of $0.28. 2) Brother Lawrence shall go to South Bend in order to raise money. 3) Resolutions of the Council of Trades and of Agriculture were read and approved. 4) Ink, starch, etc. shall be bought for the Sisters; coffee, tea, and sugar for the cooks. 5) The runaway apprentice, Cuyott, shall be pursued according to law. 6) Mr. Mahar shall dig a well in the garden. 7) Several proposals made by Brothers Lawrence and Joseph were rejected. 8) Brother Lawrence must find means of getting the apples which were offered to us."

(1845-46) Examined the Cash Book, read and approved the reports of the Councils of Trades and Agriculture, changing decisions if necessary, deciding general policy, appointments, work to be done, business, difficulties of discipline, meals, teaching, etc. Council of Administration was replaced and its work done by the Minor Chapter. Minor Chapter named from the Mother House. Sorin, Cointet, assistant, Granger, Gatian, Vincent, Theodolous.

MINOR CHAPTER: March 22, 1847. Composed of Granger, Cointet, Brothers Vincent, Lawrence, Marie, Theodolus, Sorin. Theodolus elected to replace Brother Joseph at Indianapolis.

"Gouesse made member." March 29, 1847.

Council of Administration abolished in March 22, 1847, following order from France. Minor Chapter replaces it and henceforth shall do everything. Members Fr.s Sorin and Granger, Brothers Gatian, Sec'y; Brothers Vincent and Lawrence.

(Council of Agriculture)

(1847-8) President Father Bouesse; Secretary: Brother Stephen; Members, Brothers Lawrence, John, Dominic. Local Council, August 28, 1848

"The resolutions of the Councils of Agriculture and Trades were read and approved." Local Council, November 22, 1847

"The agricultural Council, it was thought proper should meet every fortnight by 3 o'clock p.m. on Sundays. President, Father Gouesse; Sec'y; Brother Stephen; members; Brothers Lawrence, John, Dominic." August 28, 1848

(Council of Priests and Brothers)

"The Council of priests and Brothers will not be held any more as was done last year; but the affairs pertaining to each society shall be treated before the members, at the end of the Minor Chapter, which ordinarily takes place on Friday." October 7, 1847

(Council of Prefects)

"Case of necessity" January 30, 1844

IV. "They must not have their hands in their pantaloons during recreation." February 3, 1844

II. "Brother Paul shall teach bookkeeping in the Brothers' study-room." February 17, 1844

I. " . . . .the pupils must never leave the place of recreation without permission; neither must they blow their nose with their hands."

II. "The Boarders must never have their hands in their pockets." February 24, 1844

V. "The Boarders shall have a piece of bread each at the collation." February 2, 1844

(Council of Professors)

(1845-6) Brother Gatian, Secretary; Brother F. de Sales, Bro. Basil, Bro. Bernard.

(1844-5) Brothers Gatian, Augustine, Paul.

Appointed Brother Vincent to teach mensuration; Brother Augustine, Geography, zoology, botany; Gatian, history -- ancient and modern, and French.

(1846-7) Members: Brothers Gatian, (3rd class), Francis de Sales, (Prep), Bernard (4th class), Thomas (of the Apprentices), Stephen (prep).

"Council of Professors is that enacted by the articles of incorporation of the University -- Father Sorin, Brothers F. de Sales, Gatian, and Bernard." February 24, 1846

"Council of Agriculture mentioned in particular Council of Brothers January 8, 1846. To have farmers' journal read to it."

(1844-5-6 to April 1) "Members: Sorin, Cointet Gouesse, L'tourneau, Messrs. Dooner and O'Leary, Brother Batian, sec'y; F. de Sales, Basil, Bernard."

(Provincial Council)

(August 30, 1857) "It is the business of the Council to present by a majority of votes the admission of profession, the modifications of the Rules for the Province, etc., except in those cases where the Provincial is not obliged to consult the Council unless for their advice merely."

(Council of Trades)

"Purpose: The weekly examination of the expenses, receipts, profits or loss of every shop; reports of the conduct, good or bad, of those employees in the shops and the improvement of every trade." September 7, 1845

Apparently organized on September 7, 1845. Members for 1845-6: Sorin, President, Granger, Brothers Justine (shoe shop), Marie (carpenter), Joseph (printer), Augustus (tailor), Vincent (bookbinder); Brother Gatian, Secretary. Locksmith unnamed." April 4, 1846

"The Council of Trades shall spend some time every Saturday in deliberating on the deportment of the apprentices as also upon their improvement in their studies. It will be composed of Brother Vincent, President, Brother Theodolus, Secretary, and the shop masters." Local Council, September 17, 1847

"President F. Gouesse, Secretary: Brother Bennet; members; Brothers Justin, Francis Xavier, August, John of the Cross." Local Council, August 28, 1848

(Council of Administration, Notre Dame)

"The University Local Council was dissolved by order of Rev. A. Mossisey, Provincial. In its stead functions the Notre Dame Council of Administration, composed of the local superiors, treasurer of Province, steward." 1906

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