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1788 Aug. 11

Miro, Estevan, governor of Louisiana
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

to Antonio de Sedella, auxiliary vicar
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

He sends a copy of a royal decree that thanksgiving be made for the birth of the Infante Carlos Maria Isidro (de Borbon). He has decided that this sovereign resolution be fulfilled on the coming Thursday and he asks Sedella to make fitting arrangements.

1788 Apr. 20

Royal order (of Charles III, King of Spain)
Aranjuez, (Spain)

By his decree of Mar. 29, 1788, he ordered the Council of the Indies to see to the fulfillment of his will that thanksgiving be offered in their jurisdiction for the birth of the infante, Carlos Maria Isidro. By the present order he commands his officials in the Indies and Philippines, also the royal audience of the offices of Cadiz and the judge of the Indies in the Canary Islands and he requests the prelates of the Indies and Philippines to concur in the fulfillment of the royal will. By Antonio Ventura de Taranco.

1788 Aug. 11

Leonard, Gilberto, notary
New Orleans

This is an exact copy of the royal decree the original of which is in the archives in his care.

IV-4-c A.L.S. 7pp. 8vo. (Spanish)

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