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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1756/02/07








1756 Feb. 7

Chantalou, (clerk, Augustin)
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

Prevost, Sieur Jean Baptiste, former churchwarden of St. Louis church, New Orleans, appeals to the superior Council of the province of La. to reverse decision of the churchwardens and notables of the parish ordering him leave in the hands of Sieur Charles Lesassier churchwarden 2528 livres, 13 sols and 4 deniers which Provost claims for his services as churchwarden in 1749 and
1750. Prevost pleads his necessary absence at the time of the trial and that his advocate (Jean Baptiste) Garic had not time to get his case ready, also that after Sieurs (Nicolas Godefroy) Barbin (Attorney of Vacant Property) and (Claude Joseph) Villars (Dubreuil) had presented their statements he would be silenced. The Council orders Lesassier to pay the sum in question to Prevost from the treasury of the church with the right to recover if the decision is reversed. The treasury of the church is to pay the expenses of the trial.

1756 Feb. 14

Marin Le Normand, crier of the Superior Council served summons on Lesassier at the request of Prevost.

1756 Mar. 5

Prevost paid expenses of 25 livres.
(Signed) Le Normand.

1786 Apr. 12

Sieur Barbin recovered the funds.
(Signed) Prevost.

IV-4-a (Copy of) A.D.S. 4pp. 8vo. (French)


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