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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1758/09/20




1758 Sep. 20

Chantalou, (Augustin, clerk New Orleans, Louisiana)
to (Louis Cesaire Le Breton) Le Bretton
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

Chantalou certifies and sends the following copy of a document:

Copy of:

1750 Sep. 7

La Freniere, Chauvin de
(New Orleans, Louisiana)
to (______) La Freniere, assessor of the Superior Council
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

Chauvin surrenders 15 arpents at Chapitoulas (Tchoupitoukas) to his brother; he also guarantees possession of all the arpents of land at Collapissas in accordance with the will of the late Nicolas Chauvin de Laffreniere, counsellor of the Superior Council.

IV-4 a A.D.S. (French) 1p. 4to.

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