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1789 May 9

(Limpach, O.M.Cap.) Father Bernard (von)
St. Louis, (Missouri)

to Father (Antonio de Sedella, auxiliary vicar)
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

According to the enclosed letter of (Henri) Peyroux (de la Coudreniere) and the rumors abroad it would seem that the inhabitants of Ste. Genevieve are trying to petition the government and him (Sedella) to give them Father Paul of St. Peter, discalced Carmelite as their pastor. But those who know the place can easily imagine why the people want a stranger. Father Pierre Huet de (la Valiniere), so-called Grand Vicar, has had much trouble with Father Paul. He (Bernard) has also had some doubt about Father Paul's obedience and priesthood but though Father Valiniere has tried to force him to take sides against Father Paul he has reasoned that the latter's standing is good. Yet to secure rest of conscience he, in Nov. 1787, wrote secretly to his provincial at Liege (Belgium) that he might secure certain information from Cologne (Germany) where the Carmelite provincial resides. These letters having been destroyed in New Orleans he wrote again. He advises Father (Sedella) to suspend judgment in case Father Paul asks for the parish of Ste. Genevieve.

IV-4-e A.L.S. 2pp. 8vo. (French)

1789 May. 9

(Limpach, O.M.Cap.) Father Bernard (von)
St. Louis, (Missouri)

to Father (Antonio de Sedella, auxiliary vicar)
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

He feels obliged to inform (Sedella) of the arrival of Jean Antoine Le Dru, a Dominican priest sent by John Carroll, bishop of the Catholics of the thirteen states to be cure of Kaskaskias (Kaskaskia, Illinois) and to tell (Father Pierre Huet de) la Valiniere to withdraw because of his scandals. Father la Valiniere probably had wind of the coming of Father Le Dru as he had already left, very likely taking the road to New Orleans. He has told Father Le Dru that he could not administer the sacraments especially Penance in Ste. Genevieve until he receives faculties from (Sedella). Father Le Dru hopes that he will receive these faculties since the people at Ste. Genevieve need spiritual help, having been suddenly abandoned by the Recollect Father (
). The testimonials of Father Le Dru seem to be authentic and his coming has given him (Bernard) much consolation but he would like to see a Capuchin at Ste. Genevieve and another at St. Louis to replace himself. He has told the Father Dominican not to be disappointed if he is refused the faculties he asks. He understands by (Sedella's) letter of January 20 last, the difficulties to which missionaries who need his (Sedella's) help are exposed by his silence, still he has for him all possible respect.

IV-4-e A.L.S. 3pp. 8vo. (French)

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