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1793 Jun. 7

Quinones, Estevan de, Not. Pub.
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

Proceeding concerning the requirements necessary for students to enter the cloister of the convent of the Ursulines.

1793 May. 4

Henriquez, (Father Theodoro Thirso Henrique)
New Orleans

The convent of the Ursulines which is under his jurisdiction receives boarders and orphans who live within the cloister; their reception and dismissal ought to be known to Henriquez. In order that this may be so he orders the mother superior to present to him a memorial stating the requirements which the students ought to have according to the constitutions. He will then decide as is convenient, a thing which he has not done in the past. The superior is to admit no more until she has received Henriquez' approbation. (Note by) Quinones. On the same day he notified the mother superior, Margarita de San Ignacio Duliepore of the foregoing decree.

1793 May. 6

Duliepore, Sister Margarita de San Ignacio
New Orleans

to (Father) Theodoro Thirso Henrique Henriquez
New Orleans

The Ursulines have been established in the Church for the training of youth in Christian piety according to the bulls of Paul V and Urban VIII. They receive not only boarders and orphans but also day students and all others who need instruction in religion. The constitutions ordain that they may receive students from the age of six to fifteen and if they are older than eighteen with the consent of the superior and the council. They do not admit any lady to the convent without permission of the superior as they have done (through Father Ubaldo Delgado) in the case of Miss Cadet. The diocesan bishop is the first superior of the Ursulines; the immediate superior is one chosen by secret ballot and approved by the bishop. To do away with day students in the time of epidemics or whenever other reasons justify it would be something new in the order. She mentions all this so that Henriquez may suspend the execution of his decree until they have the decision of the bishop of Havana to whom she will send the legalized copy left with her by Quinones.

1793 May. 6

Henriquez, Theodoro Thirso Henrique
New Orleans

He orders that the above letter be placed before the Mother Superior and that she swear it is the one she wrote or if it was written by her order since she does not know Spanish, she name the person who wrote it. Mother is also to tell the undersigned notary on what constitutions she bases the facts stated in her letter and that she place before him the diocesan's approval of the immediate superior chosen by secret ballot of the community.

1793 May. 10

Henriquez, Theodoro Thirso Henrique
New Orleans

to Mother Margarita de San Ignacio Duliepore
Copy. New Orleans
He has learned from (Francisco Luis Hector) Baron de Carondelet governor of the province that she has given another meaning to the decree he sent her on May 6. Her spirit and letter are too clear; they amount to this that the father or guardian of a student must present a memorial in order to enter or withdraw from the cloister for those effects which the constitutions permit. If now better informed Mother will obey the decree she will fulfill in the future or if not the proper recourse will be had.

1793 May. 10

Duliepore, Sister Margarita de San Ignacio
New Orleans

to (Father) Theodoro Thirso Henrique Henriquez
New Orleans

In his letter of to-day he commands that the Ursulines act according to its contents in regard to the reception and dismissal of students. They had to represent to Carondelet the many inconveniences Henriquez' order imposes on them, nevertheless they will obey.

1793 May. 11

Henriquez, (Father) Theodoro Thirso Henrique
New Orleans

He orders Quinones to ascertain whether John Keller, resident in this city by a memorial sought to have his daughter received into the convent of the Ursulines.

1793 May. 14

Quinones, Estevan de
New Orleans

On this day Don Henriquez and the present notary went to the Ursulines and there the mother superior swore to speak the truth in what she was asked. She said that she ordered the letter of May 6 to be written by the Mother ex-superior. The book of the constitutions was then brought and extracts made of the parts referring to the reception of students, the election of a superior and his power and the requirements for the profession of the religious. (Copied in French). Asked to show the decree of approbation and confirmation of the immediate superior Mother superior said that no election had been held since that of Father Dagobert, (O.M.Cap.) since the community had conformed to the foreign vicar. Signed by sister Margaret of St. Ignatius Duliepore.

1793 May 16

Quinones, Estevan de
New Orleans

Henriquez and Quinones went to the Ursulines who the day before had in the presence of Father Luis de Quintanilla, (O.M.Cap.) their chaplain refused to hand over the book of their constitutions although they allowed copies to be made of certain parts. The Ursulines refused a second time. Henriquez now orders the superior to hand over the constitutions so that other parts may be transcribed and translated into Spanish. Signed by Henriquez.
He informed the Mother Superior of the above. The constitutions were brought out and copied made of the parts demanded. Signed by Sister Margaret of St. Ignatius Duliepore, superior.

1793 May. 16

Duliepore, Sister Margarita de San Ignacio
Alzas, Sister Francesca de Sta. Felicita, assistant
Olivier, Sister (______) Sta. Maria
Farson, Sister Maria Theresa de St. Xavier, receiver
Madier, Sister Christina de St. Andres
Ramos, Sister Antonio de Santa Monica, secretary
Castillo, Sister Antonia de Sta. Rita
Dusuo, Sister Adelaide de St. Solange
Collazo, Sister Petrona de St. Augustin
Dusuo, Sister Francesca de St. P(______)
Mirabel, Sister Mary Joseph de St. Miguel
Yera, Sister Mary Ignacio de Sta. Clara
Miraval, Sister Mary of St. Rafael
Bazguez, Sister Isabel of St. Louis Gonzaga
Caldez, Sister Feliciana de St. Angela
New Orleans

to ((Father) Theodoro Thirso Henrique Henriquez
New Orleans

The mother superior informed of Henriquez' order called the council which decided to hand over the book of constitutions in the parlor and chose Father Quintanilla as interpreter. This then was ratified by the whole community.

1793 May. 25

Quinones, Estevan de
New Orleans

Copy of chapter 14, part 2, of the constitutions of the Ursulines, which copy he certifies.

1793 May. 25

Quinones, Estevan de
New Orleans

In conformity with the decree of Henriquez he translated into Spanish the portions of the constitution ordered.

1793 Jun. 3

Quinones, Estevan de
New Orleans

Using the faculties given him by Bishop Felipe J(ose)ph de Tres Palacios of Havana, Cuba, the constitutions of the Ursulines and other things which merited consideration he says; permission is always required in writing from the bishop superior or of the superior (male ending in Spanish) in order that anyone of whatever age, sex or condition may enter the cloister and this under pain of excommunication. Such formality is not necessary for leaving the convent save in the cases pointed out in the constitutions. These regulations will not prevent parents from sending their daughters to the Ursulines: Mr. James M(?)eder, Englishman and resident in the German Coast has since the decree sent his only three daughters to the Ursulines.

IV-4-k A.D.S. and copies 53pp. 8vo. (Spanish)

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