Specialized Indexes

These searchable indexes have been compiled by the Archives from various records held in the University Archives. The indexes relate only to university records and contain no information from our manuscript collections. When you perform a finding aids search from our main page you are not searching these specialized indexes, so be sure to search these indexes individually if you think they might include information about your topic. With one exception, these indexes only provide citations to articles but do not provide access to images or the full text of the articles themselves. If you find something of interest, you will have to look up the article or order photocopies of it. Some of these links provide access to periodicals in our Digital Collections.

Index of Notre Dame Officers, Faculty, & Administrators, 1850 - 1950

This index is a transcription of various official faculty and administrator lists found in the Notre Dame Annual Catalogue and Bulletin of Study. Each entry includes a standardized form of the individual's name, the name exactly as it appeared in the original text, the date and page number of the original listing, and the person's department and position. Some entries contain additional notes or a notice that more information (usually about schools and degrees) is included in the source document. Absence of such a note means that all the information from that entry has been transcribed and appears in the index.

Index of Early Notre Dame Students, 1849 - 1918

This index is composed of (1) a complete transcription of all the official lists of students in each Notre Dame Annual Catalogue and Bulletin of Studies published through 1917/18; (2) citations to the names of students that appear in the chronological record of registrations (the “Day Books”) from 1864/65 through 1909/10; and (3) Address Books, which include the student's age and the name and address of person responsible for the account from 1910/11 through 1914/15. Although these sources record the large majority of students at Notre Dame during the years covered, they are not comprehensive -- for example, in certain years Manual Labor Students are not included in the Annual Catalogue lists, but in other years they are.

Index of Minims and Other Young Students, 1910 - 1929

The minims were grade school students, generally aged six through thirteen, who lived in St. Edward's Hall. Before 1910 minims are included with the other Notre Dame students in the Index of Early Notre Dame Students, 1849-1912. The Archives has few records of the minims who attended after 1910. This index is an attempt to compile as comprehensive a list as possible of the minims at Notre Dame from 1910 until the school closed in May 1929. There is good coverage for most years, except for 1921/22, 1922/23, and 1923/24. In attempting to be comprehensive, this index includes all students aged fourteen or younger. In some cases thirteen- or fourteen-year-old students were in the Preparatory Program, while in other cases they were still minims.

Theatre Chronology, 1844-2016

Edited and maintained by the Department of Film, Television, and Theatre and the University Archives, this database provides details of theatre productions at Notre Dame.

Norman Bone Football Program Index, 1960-2017

Norman Bone of South Bend, Indiana, is a long-time Notre Dame fan who has indexed his collection of Notre Dame home football game programs for his personal use. He has now graciously allowed the Notre Dame Archives to reformat his index and present it on our web site as well. We can't vouch for the comprehensiveness of the index, and we can't assume there isn't a typo here or an inaccuracy there, but we can state that the index provides much information that until now has been hidden. We thank Norm for letting us make his index publicly available.

Scholastic Index (student magazine), 1867 - 2011

The Scholastic, a student weekly, began in 1867 as The Scholastic Year. For most of its history it provided news about Notre Dame as well as feature articles, literary works, essays, and alumni notes. Our old online index only covered the years 1978 through 1993. This new index provides access to page images of issues dating 1867-2011. A card file in the Archives indexes the years 1867-1978.

Voice Index (student newspaper), 1963 - 1966

The Voice was the immediate predecessor to Notre Dame's current student newspaper, the Observer. The entire run of this short-lived newspaper has been indexed. The old index did not provide access to the full text of the digital edition as the present version does.

Observer Index (student daily newspaper), 1966 - 2003

The Observer has been Notre Dame's daily student newspaper since 1969. Our digital edition has its own computer-generated index based on optical character recognition. It should not be confused with the Observer index presented here, which comes from decades of work by Notre Dame students and staff. It provides links to the digital edition. We continue to work on this index, which will sometimes turn up pertinent articles that one might miss using the computer-generated index to the digital edition.

Alumnus Index (alumni magazine), 1923 - 1971

The Notre Dame Alumnus, published by the Alumni Association from January of 1923 until December of 1971, provided news and feature articles of interest to Notre Dame graduates. Notre Dame Magazine replaced it starting in 1972.

Index to Notre Dame Report, 1971/1972 - 2007/2008

The Notre Dame Report serves as the official record of University business and includes minutes of select University committees, other documentation issued by the University, faculty and committee rosters, and information on faculty and administrator's honors, activities, and publications. Comprehensive back of the book indexes exist for each year of the Notre Dame Report. (The old online index provided only references to the minutes, documentation, and short news articles up to 1994/1995.)

Index to Notre Dame Press Releases, 1994 - 2003

The Archives' online index to press releases is complete to mid 1999 and provides the full text of each release. Press releases on the Notre Dame News website date back to 1997. See also our digital collection of press releases, 1947-1971 (with gaps).

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