Audio / Visual Material

The Archives’ audio-visual collections consist of material from both the University and Catholic historical collections and include nearly twenty different video and audio formats.  Since film, tapes, DVDs, and other audio-visual formats require different techniques for preservation than do paper records, the University Archives stores and cares for them separately, although intellectually they remain part of the University or manuscript collections from which they originated. 

The Notre Dame related audio-visual collections document a wide variety of campus activities from the early twentieth century to the present day, including commencements, faculty lectures and visiting speakers, student events, classroom instruction, fund raising and public relation campaigns, theater and music productions, liturgies, and athletics.  The collections also include the work tapes and finished programs from the University’s video production departments, amateur footage of campus, oral histories, episodes from the television series produced at Notre Dame, Today’s Life Choices, and programs produced by individual academic and administrative departments.

Material relating to Notre Dame varsity athletics encompasses all sports, with an emphasis on the football program.  The Archives holds coaches films, radio and television broadcasts, highlight programs, oral histories, and documentaries relating to football games and surrounding activities. The collections also include material relating to men’s and women’s basketball, baseball, and more contemporary Olympic sports. 

The Archives also holds audio-visual material relating to the organization and individuals documented in the manuscript collections, including oral histories, recordings of meetings, speeches and lectures, documentaries, public relation programs, footage of the activities of religious orders and parishes, and liturgies.

The Archives claims copyright to only a fraction of the items in the audio-visual collections.  Anyone wishing to publish or otherwise reproduce audio-visual material will be required to sign a use form which states that the user alone is responsible for inquiring into and obtaining all permissions relating to copyright and licensing.  Please contact us for more information.

This page was last updated October 7, 2014