Printed Material

Printed ephemera, brochures, posters, programs, pamphlets, articles, and books typically come to the Archives individually or as part of a larger University or Catholic historical collection. They may be purposefully collected by Archives staff or an outside collector.  With few exceptions printed material is open to researchers without restrictions.

Most publications by or about Notre Dame are organized in two collections called Notre Dame Printed Material (PNDP) and Notre Dame Athletics Material (PATH).  These two collections include full runs of student publications including the Dome yearbook, Observer newspaper, and Scholastic magazine, departmental publications and newsletters, student and faculty directories, informational catalogs and bulletins, sports programs and media guides, and clippings and ephemera regarding noted individuals, campus buildings, and athletic and other events.

Printed material of interest to those studying the history of the Catholic Church in America includes a full run of Ave Maria Magazine, publications, brochures, pamphlets, articles, and other documents regarding parish histories and various religious organizations.

In addition, some of the Archives’ manuscript collections consist mainly or entirely of printed material.  The papers of Msgr. Reynold Hillenbrand and Rev. John A. O'Brien contain both manuscript and printed material.  Prior to his death in 1979, University microfilmer Francis C. Clark left to the University Archives his extensive collections of Catholic books, pamphlets, anniversary booklets, leaflets, brochures, and circulars. The Francis Clark collections include:

Parish History
Diocesan History
Local History
Clergy and Religious
Catholic Institutions
Religious Orders of Women
Religious Orders of Men
Catholic Press
Book Collection
Francis C. Clark Printed Collection

Other collections of printed material in the University Archives include:

Alphabetical Pamphlet Collection
Catholic Social Issues Collection
Civil War Collection
Clergy Writings Collection
Drop File Collection
Fides Collection 
Anti-Catholic Printed Material Collection
Catholic Literature for Children Collection
Charles Coughlin Collection
Religious Order Printed Material Collection
Serials Collection
Sheet Music Collection
General Printed Material Collection 

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