Among the records that come to the Archives are photographs, engravings, and other graphics that provide visual documentation of people, places, events, and other subjects.  Since photographs require different techniques for preservation than do paper records, the University Archives stores and cares for them separately, although intellectually they remain part of the University or manuscript collections from which they originated. 

The photograph collection contains over one million images in print, negative, slide, and digital format, with some of the earliest photographs dating from the 1850s.  The Archives’ actively collects photographs, scrapbooks, and other graphic materials from all time periods, including contemporary digital photos.  

Photographs depicting life at Notre Dame come to the Archives through various channels, including the University Photographer’s Office (now defunct), University publications and information services departments, and student publications and organizations.  The Archives has also acquired many photographs and scrapbooks through the generosity of alumni and friends of the University.

Photographs relating to the Catholic manuscript collections come to us from various Catholic individuals and organizations.  The Archives also holds photographic collections that may interest scholars studying subjects unrelated to Notre Dame and its Catholic history, such as the George Bernard Civil War photographs and those from former Postmaster General and Notre Dame alumnus Frank Walker.

You may search the online finding aids for photographs that may be of interest, but understand that this is a text database only – you generally will not see any images. 

The Archives claims copyright to only a fraction of the images in our collections. Anyone wishing to publish or otherwise reproduce material will be required to sign a use form which states that the user alone is responsible for inquiring into and obtaining all permissions relating to copyright and licensing.  If you wish to order reprints, please see our fees and then contact us for additional information. 


This page was last updated October 7, 2014