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General Records Retention Schedules

General records retention schedules relate to records that are commonly encountered throughout the University. These schedules apply to all University offices and should be adopted immediately. Visit Using General Schedules for implementation guidance.

Click on a category to view general schedules for the records listed below the category. Or view general schedules in alphabetical order.

Academic Records
▪ Academic Program Reviews
▪ Accreditation Records
▪ Bulletin of Information
▪ Course Instructor Feedback (CIF) Reports
▪ Course Syllabi
▪ Theses and Dissertations

Administrative Records
▪ Annual Reports
▪ Architectural Drawings
▪ Audit Reports
▪ Equipment Manuals
▪ Facilities Requisitions
▪ Organizational Charts
▪ Policies
▪ Publications
▪ Strategic Plans
▪ University Committee Records

Athletics Department Records (Restricted Access)
Applicable only to offices in the Athletics Department

Audio and Visual Records
▪ Audio Recordings
▪ Moving Image Recordings
▪ Photographs / Still Images:
    - Agency ND
    - Freelance
    - In-House
    - Non-University Sources

Financial Records
▪ Accounts Payable Records
▪ Accounts Receivable Records
▪ Budget Working Papers
▪ Football Ticket Allotment Records
▪ Official Budget
▪ Procard Reconciliation Envelopes
▪ Travel and Expense Reports

Legal Records
▪ Contracts
▪ Liability Waivers

Personnel Records
▪ Applications for Faculty Employment - Non Selects
▪ Applications for Staff Employment - Non Selects
▪ Applications for Student Employment - Non Selects
▪ Employee Files (Non-Student)
▪ Faculty Files
▪ Student Employee Files
▪ Time Cards

Student Records
▪ Academic Course Change Form
▪ Academic Grade Change Form
▪ Academic Transcript
▪ Application for Admission - Non Enrolled
▪ Class Lists
▪ Grade Lists
▪ Student Files


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